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Mined vs Lab-grown diamond – which one is more expensive?

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There are two types of diamonds. The first is mined naturally while the second one is lab-grown. It takes approximately 2 weeks for the diamonds to fully grow when they are made in the laboratory. There are many places where you can buy premium quality lab-grown diamonds wholesale. Although lab-grown diamonds are similar to mined ones, they have a distinct chemical ‘makeup’. Professional gemologists need special equipment to distinguish the two types. Sometimes magnification can also be used to distinguish the two types.

These are the main differences between them:

  • Price

It takes a lot of resources to create labs capable of producing synthetic diamonds. We have seen a decline in the value artificially grown diamonds over the years. The price difference is still evident. It is common to believe that real diamonds cost more than synthetic ones. However, the truth is quite the opposite.

  • Value

This value refers to the resale price of diamonds. Similar to gold, people often buy diamonds as an investment. However,one must know the resale value of these stones. Synthetic diamonds lose half of their original value while real diamonds retain over 50%. The value of lab-grown diamonds will be negligible if you attempt to resell them. It is crucial that you consult a professional gemologist before buying diamonds.

  • Sustainability

Mining can lead to labor manipulation and ethical problems. Many countries have sanctions against mining because it can lead to inhumane conditions for miners. Mining can be a dangerous job that can result in the loss of lives. Diamond labs were created because mining is linked to human suffering. A few diamonds are ethically sourced, but most people rely on lab diamonds.

The lab process used to make the diamonds can also have negative effects on the environment. Lab diamonds are also being opposed by many because they cause more carbon emissions.

  • Cut and Look

Hand-chiseled diamonds are often hand-cut. This is why they are available in many different cuts and styles. Both types of diamonds are identical to the naked eye. You will not be able tell the difference if you’re not an expert in stone cutting. Lab diamonds may have tiny inclusions that are not normally found in naturally mined diamonds.

Naturally mined diamonds can be finer than lab-grown and may appear even shinier.

While diamonds can be a great way to invest your money, it is better to only buy naturally mined diamonds. These diamonds will not only retain their value but will also make a statement piece.

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