Dolce & Gabbana The One fragrance bottle on white wooden table

Why Should We Buy Cologne Online

Dolce & Gabbana The One fragrance bottle on white wooden table

You might be wondering where to purchase cologne online. First, we have all made educated guesses about what stuff to order. You can scroll Seamless to find pizza and see that one restaurant has a 2-star rating based on hundreds of reviews. The other place has 4.9 stars based upon hundreds of reviews. This one isn’t even worth debating. This logic works well for great clothing, such as jeans or sunglasses. While it’s nice to try on things if you have the time, online shopping often means that you get better quality for less.

Even though it may seem bad to buy a cologne without trying it, online shopping for fragrances boils down into making educated, well-informed decisions. There are many proven ways to find a great new scent or the best colognes available for men. You could do worse than to shop our favorite scents for spring, summer and fall. However, this search must start with knowing where to shop and doing some research on your own.

This is where we come in. There’s so much cologne out there that it can be difficult to know where to begin. The best part about shopping online for cologne is that there’s so many options that aren’t available at your local department stores. There are so many options that you can choose from, so you will be sure to find the right one for you.

Know what you are looking for

It helps to understand the basics of fragrance categorization if you are starting from scratch. There are 14 “fragrance families” and each one can evoke certain emotions, energies or moods while eliciting different responses from the people who smell it. It would be inappropriate to wear something too heavy on spice, musk, and amber to a family reunion. It would be best to save it for special occasions, wintertime or evenings.

Knowing how to categorize will help you identify which ingredients you like or dislike, or which “families” of scents you’re most attracted to. You don’t have to like just one scent. It is important to know which scent is your signature, whether you use it daily or for special occasions.

Do a trial before you buy

You have more options than ever if you insist on trying a scent before buying a full-size.

You can buy small samples from many sites for just a few dollars each. This allows you to try a new scent for up to a week without any risk. You might find a “discovery kit” on their site. While it might require you to purchase more samples than you need, many people will credit the cost of the kit towards a full-size. Take DS & Durga is an example. They have a “Greatest Hits” option if you want all their top sellers. There are also many themed arrangements and a Custom Set whereby you can choose the most appealing ones to you. All of these come with a code that will save you a full bottle.

Diptyque and other brands now offer a sample vial with every purchase. If you are not satisfied with your sample, you can return the full-size unopened bottle within two weeks.

If you don’t find samples from the brand that interests you, then point your browser to Luckyscent, FragranceNet and Scent Split. These sites have a huge selection of samples starting at a mere $1, from niche to high end.

Fragrance Subscriptions – We have all been caught off guard by an amazing fragrance and we just had to find out more. The element of surprise is what keeps scent subscriptions alive. You can explore all the options if you are willing to spend a little money on small-volume vials. You can always stop once you have too many choices or settled on the one that you like. (Chances are they also have a full-size option to buy at a subscriber-discounted cost.) Scentbird and Luxury Scent Box are our favorites.

Browse Fragrance Community Sites

Large web communities of perfume experts are your best resource for online fragrance shopping. Here is where you can make your “educated guess”. Let’s suppose you have heard of a certain scent and would like to know what the top-trained noses think about it.

You can click here to visit sites such as Fragrantica, Parfumo and Base Notes. These sites are like IMDb for fragrances, Facebook, Reddit and Wikipedia for fragrances all rolled into one. It’s both to your advantage and disadvantage. While you might have found an extraordinary scent, it’s been awarded 4.5 stars by Luckyscent or Sephora. However, the Fragrantica community rates the fragrance as a 3.6. It might smell too much like a fragrance from 10 years ago or because a sharp nose believes the myrrh notes may be too strong. Or because they wish it had cedarwood. You need to take a step back and ask yourself if they are using a higher grade than you. They are. However, their expertise is invaluable in that they might be able to point you to a comparable scent that costs less, lasts longer or has a great story.

These fragrance database sites allow you to search scents by brands, notes, families, and other criteria. The possibilities for discovery and information are endless. It is possible to find out how long they will last, what their prices are, when the best time of year and day is for each scent, and which notes weigh the most. This is more useful than trusting the marketing of a brand for a fragrance because you want to know exactly what a scent smells like and how other people will perceive it.

You should also check reviews from big retailers. They represent a less educated but more satisfied customer. Your Amazons, Sephoras and Nordstroms are all examples of this.

Begin slowly

If you are sure of what you want, you should start with the “full-size” version. Even though it might be cheaper to purchase the large bottle, it is worth trying out a small sample of a perfume for a few days. It’s much better than wearing it for months. It might not be the fragrance you expected, or it may have diminished returns over time.

Second, you might like the scent but only for certain seasons or occasions. If you don’t use the fragrance often, a smaller size may be more effective. It’s better to purchase newer, fresher bottles every few years than to keep the same big bottle for many years. The quality of fragrance can change with time, for better or worse. To ensure you get the best value for your money, you should start small until you are sure you need the larger size.

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