7 TOP Winter Fashion Trends You Need to Know Going into 2022

Winter isn’t always the most fashionable season. It can be hard to resist the temptation of wearing the same gray cashmere sweaters and dark-wash jeans day after day, even outside of holidays and New Year’s. We’re determined this year to bring a bit more flair to our cold weather looks. Thanks to Lyst and Pinterest, we now know where to begin. These seven trends have been gaining significant interest and we expect that this trend will continue to gain momentum. These are the seven most important winter fashion trends that you should know if you want to update your wardrobe.


Winter is all about textures and less about patterns and prints. You have many options. There are lots of fun options. This trend is great for people who like monochrome or neutral colors. It can be used to spice up your life without being too out of your comfort zone.


While knee-high boots are not going out of fashion, they are a staple for winter. Basic boots are the best, with structured leather or suede (no need to slouch here), in black or brown, and minimal detailing (embossed Croc scales at the ankle or riding boot strap at the bottom are great, but fringe down the sides and gold cape topes are not). They look great with jeans, leggings, or a tailored jacket. You can also wear them with skirts or dresses at least 2 inches higher than your boots’ top.


Faux-leather leggings are a classic in winter wear, but this year faux-leather pants will be the mainstay. These pants are most popular and come in a straight leg. They can be black or in a bold color like red or olive. To amp up the natural rockstar vibes of leather, pair them with classics like a crewneck sweater or button-up.


The shacket is a shirt/jacket combination that we have loved for many years. But, things are changing rapidly in 2022. While we will always love the classic wool plaid design, there are other styles that are hot, such as leather and shearling. So you can be certain there is a style for everyone.


High-collared puffers, waist-cinching belts and neon color blocking aren’t only for 80s-themed parties. Throwback ski gear is back, and it’s not just for the slopes. To avoid looking like a costume, pair your belted puffs with modern separates.


Sweater dresses will always be a favorite way to combine style and comfort. But they are seeing a surge in popularity as people try to balance their time between going out on the road and staying at home. These days, flattering silhouettes that hug curves are preferred to looser, more flowing styles. You can make them more chic than dowdy by adding a thin belt at the waist. Keep your accessories simple and sleek by adding a thin belt to the waist.


We are often stuck in a boring color rut during winter, but this time we’re not. Lyst and Pinterest saw significant increases in searches for bold colors such as hot pink, violets, lime green, or red. If you don’t feel like wearing them head-to-toe, don’t worry. You can add a pop of color to your favorite jeans by adding a bright yellow sweater.

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