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Here are some things to keep in mind before buying silk pajama

woman in white and black button-up coat leaning on wall

  • Material

There are many options for silk pajamas, ranging from 100% silk to silk blends and silk alternatives. All of them have the silky smooth feel. However, the fabric’s breathability will vary depending on its composition. Silk fabrics of the highest quality are typically the most breathable and smoothest.

  • Size

Silk is more flexible than other stretchy fabrics, like spandex or cotton. Therefore, it’s important to size correctly. Look for brands that offer more sizing options. You should also consider that you will be moving during sleep so it is a good idea to order a larger size to ensure more comfort.

  • Machine washable

This is a must-read: Always read the label on silk pajamas. Some silk fabrics can be machine washed and will retain their softness after one cycle in the washer. Others will not. Specialty silk fabrics may require special care, such as hand washing or dry cleaning.

Some questions

  • How can you wash silk pajamas

Pay attention to the labels While some silk sets can be washed easily, others require that you hand wash them and dry flat.

  • What is the difference between silk and satin pajamas?

Although they may look and feel the same, silk and satin fabrics have distinct designs. Silk is a weaved fabric made of synthetic fibers. Satin is often made from synthetic fabrics, but silk fabric is often more expensive.

  • Are silk pajamas comfortable?

Dr. Ranella Hirsch is a Board-certified dermatologist who says that silk pajamas have the biggest claim to breathability. She adds that silk pajamas do help skin stay cool. Although a long-sleeved or pant set may provide warmth, silk’s thermo-regulating properties will keep you cool.

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