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7 Steps to Make a Perfect ‘Messy bun’

woman sight seeing on bridge

For any occasion, a messy bun is the best way to style your hair. A messy bun looks great no matter where you’re going. You can do this hairstyle for shopping, work or just to relax at home. There are many easy ways to make a messy bun.

To make one, you don’t need any special skills. You can make a messy bun in just 4-5 steps. You just need to wash your hair and make sure it isn’t greasy. Before you style your hair dry it.

How to make a messy bun

These steps will help you create a messy bun that is perfect for you.

Step # 1

Make sure your hair is not tangled. Brush your hair throughout – your hair does not have to be tangled in a messy bun. Also make sure your hair is clean and smooth before you begin styling.

Step # 2

After brushing, you’ll need to spray a straightening agent. Use a texture spray. This will give your hair needed straightening texture. Don’t be confused if your hair is already straight. This spray will instantly give your hair a manageable look.

Step #3

Now, pull your hair back and tie it in a ponytail. You don’t have to do it perfectly. Simply pull your hair back, and gather all of it. You don’t have to fix every bump. Let it be there.

Step # 4

Create a messy, imperfect bun. Turn your ponytail around and wrap it around its base. Don’t try to perfect it.

Step #5

A hairband can save your bun. With the hairband, make a few loops around the bun. Don’t overdo it with the loops. You can still manage your bun if you leave them loose. It will not look good if you make it too tight.

Step # 6

Look for any strands that may be straying. These can be pinned with bobby pins. If you don’t want them as such, leave them. It will not affect your hairstyle. Bobby pins are a better option if you prefer your hair tucked.

Step #7

Spray the hair spray to give it a finished look. The spray will not leave your hair looking messy. The spray also will not make your hair look greasy, it will just smoothen it. You don’t need too  much of the spray.

Although a messy bun is a classic, you can spice it up. These are some tips to spice up your messy bun.

  • A fancy hair accessory is all you need to make a quick bun. If you’re going to any event, it will give your hair a glamorous look.
  • This hairstyle is perfect for festivals. If you need to change your hair color, don’t hesitate. Temporary hair color spray is a great option to make your bun stand out in the crowd.
  • This messy bun doesn’t require you to make any special arrangements. It can be done at home. You can add some flair to your bun with a fabric band instead of a regular hair tie. This is a simple, elegant way to make your hair look great.

For a more fashionable hairstyle, you can visit any of the top Hair Salons near your location.

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