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Here are 5 tips to grow long, healthy and beautiful lashes

persons green and black eye

Our lashes go through many things on a daily basis. The delicate hairs of our lashes are subject to constant curling, lifting, tinting, and even extending. Yet, it is often a surprise when we find a few stray hairs on cotton pads or in the bathroom sinks. It may be time for a holistic approach if you are struggling to grow your lashes.

Here are five ways to grow longer and healthier lashes.

Lash serum

A lash serum such as Revive7 Lash and Brow Serum can be used to increase lash lengthening. This new product, which has been clinically proven to increase the volume and health of your lashes, was awarded the Best Clean Beauty category at the 2022 Beauty Awards. The Canadian-made formula contains seven active ingredients including biotin, hyaluronic, collagen and pumpkin seed extract. All of them work together to repair lash damage, and provide nutrients and protein for your hair follicles, lashes and surrounding skin. You’ll notice a difference in your lashes within seven to twenty one days. They will be stronger, longer, fuller, and more resistant to breaking. It’s easy to apply once or twice daily to the eyelid line.


Your lash health can be affected by what you eat, just like your skin and nails. Make sure that your diet contains biotin (or other hair-promoting proteins). You should also ensure that you are getting enough vitamins A, E, and C from fresh fruits and vegetables. Consider taking daily vitamins and supplements for an additional boost. Vitamin B-3 (Niacin) has been shown to increase blood flow to the hair follicles, which promotes hair lengthening and fullness.

Avoid lash treatments

Don’t limit what you eat or apply to your lashes. Give them a chance at growth by skipping any extensions or lifting treatments. These treatments may be quick and provide instant results but they can also damage your growth. You should also take a break from mascara every once in awhile.

Clean makeup

While we don’t recommend that you stop using makeup, you might want to pay more attention to what you apply to your lashes. You can get more volume and length by investing in high-quality mascaras that are clean and less damaging.

Gentle makeup removal

Give your lashes the love and respect they deserve. You don’t have to scrubbing and rubbing your eyelashes every night. Instead, choose gentle, non-irritating makeup products and use them with love and not anger.

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