Here are 10 ways for men 50+ to look healthy and stylish

All men are welcome. Yes, you! You are smart, experienced, and a great leader at 50, 60, and 70, even though you have no interest in style or grooming. Let’s face it, how you look and feel today plays a huge role in improving your social life online and in real life. Are you kidding me? Why is it so important for celebrities, athletes and friends on Facebook to improve their self-image? It’s a vital survival skill. These are 10 simple tips that will work for everyone:

1. Update your sunscreen

Many 50-plus men are hoarders of expired sunscreens. They think, “How bad could a 2020 or 2021 date get?” This is pretty bad considering that daily sunscreen application is all you have to protect yourself from more sun damage and skin cancer. The sunscreen that was used last summer expires like food, and even though it says SPF, has lost its potency. Even borderline tubes that have been in use for 10 to 11 months can be thrown out if they become cloudy, watery, clumpy, or grainy or have a funny smell. Old sunscreen can be contaminated by bacteria, which could cause skin rashes and irritation. To supplement your beach-going protection, you should purchase a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least 30 SPF. Chemical or mineral? You can choose which one you will use every day.

2. Sun-weathered skin is something you can embrace

You can avoid more sun damage if you follow tip 1. However, this won’t make your skin look better. Unfortunately, most older men don’t use a moisturizer. This is the only way to have healthier skin. There’s no need to spend a lot of money on fancy products. It works all day, every night, with a simple moisturizer that is designed for dry skin like the Neutrogena Hydro-Boost Gel-Cream Extrême Dry ($23,, Bulldog Moisturizer for Men ($10,, or Jack Black Double-Duty Moisturizer SPF20 ($28, Look for a simple humectant such as glycerin or aloe vera or algae extract on the label. They all attract and hold water to your skin. This will make your face look smoother, firmer, and more plump. It’s as simple as brushing your teeth.

3. Corral body hair

Although body hair is normal, some men have more. There may be extra growth on the backs of their hands or feet. If you have back hair problems on the beach, there is no need to trim. A one-time wax at the day spa is sufficient if you have back hair issues. You should add trimming ear and nose hairs to your list, as extra tufts can appear faster and more visibly after 50. To trim, use a stick-on magnifying glass such as the Conair Suction Cup mirror Close-Up Magnification ($12 at, and small, blunt-tipped, facial hair scissors (never tweezers) such as the Tweezerman nose ear scissors ($23 at Or, an electric razor designed for this purpose like the Goodline Grooming Co. Nose + Ear Hair Trimmer ($10, You can also have the hair trimmed by a barber.

4. You can sweat proof your feet, underarms and shoes

Guys, it’s okay to sweat a lot during sports and workouts, but you need to deal with wet underarm stains, stinky odors, and smells that rise from your shirts, shoes, and socks. You will notice a rise in odors as the seasons heat up. First, your armpits: I’m sure you understand the difference between an antiperspirant deodorant and a deodorant that neutralizes odors. The second combats odor and wetness. You can choose either one. Shoes, sandals, and sneakers can hold unpleasant odors hostage without any help. Spray your feet with an odor-reducing spray such as Dr. Scholl’s OdorX Probiotic Extract Formula Feet Spray ($8,, or Arm & Hammer Invisible Spray Feet Powder ($7, To keep the smell at bay, use freshening shoe inserts such as Zorpads Odor Eliminating Shoe Insists ($24 for five, Because moisture encourages bacteria buildup, dry out your sandals, loafers, deck shoes, and sneakers between wears. Make a DIY deodorizer by rubbing the soles of your shoes with some white vinegar or baking soda overnight. Then, shake it out in the morning.

5. Take control of your “mankles”, and shoes

The new norm is to wear no socks. Some mature men still wear tall socks or dress socks with shorts, sandals, or sneakers. This is not a good look. For sneakers or slip-on shoes, opt for socks that are low-cut, such as the Gap No-Show Socks True Black (11$ for a 2-pack, and Old Navy Low-Cut Socks for Men (4 Pack for Men) ($10,

Another thing to note: Slippers and neglected nails can ruin even the most stylish look, especially when it comes to casual social events. Before you say yes to lunches or dinners, get a pedicure at a salon.

6. Upgrading the sun specs

Most likely, your Rx frames have been updated. But what about your sunglasses? Men tend to wear old sunglasses past their prime and put them in the “not so important” category. You are making a big mistake! You can get a new pair of polarized sunglasses in black or tortoise like the Foster Grant Marli Polarized For Digital (31$,, Prive Revaux The Bruce 2.0 In Chestnut Brown Tort (40$,, or Ray-Ban RB2132 New Wayfarer Classic Black/Polarized Green (201$, These will prevent glare, make your smartphone screens more clear, and help you to read your images better on your phone’s to see clearly

7. Take care of your hat situation

From May through September, many 50-plus men wear a baseball hat. The cap is suitable for all, but it’s especially appealing to those with thin hair. You may not realize that baseball caps do not have an ear- or nape-shielding band, making them vulnerable to UV rays. The cap can be worn backwards, which doesn’t help. The L.L. Bucket Hat has a sloping all around brim. The Bean Men’s Sunday Afternoons Bucket Hat in Mineral/Timber, priced at $36 on, is crushable enough that it can be folded up and stored in a pocket. It pairs well with casual clothing. Aenmt Wide Brim Boonie Sun Hats in Navy or Army Green ($16, also have a wider brim to provide shade. For more formal occasions, such as outdoor parties, where you are wearing pants and a shirt, a bit more structure is required. Try a woven paper fedora like the Banana Republic Classic Straw Fedora in Natural ($80, or a panama style like the Dockers Men’s Panama Hat in Tan/Navy ($28, At your next skin cancer screening, your scalp, neck, and ears will be thankful.

8. Multitask head-to-toe

This is the truth. Most mature men don’t wear perfume and those who do, keep it to special occasions. They don’t use multiple body, skin and hair products like women and prefer to spend as little time as possible getting ready. It doesn’t mean you should give up. You can still get triple benefits by adding a superpowered juggler to your daily routine, such as the 18.21 Manmade Spiced Vanilla Shampoo Conditioner and Body wash ($28,, Irish spring 5 in 1 Men’s Body Wash for Face, Hair and Body ($5,, and Nivea Men Maximum Hydrogen Aloe Vera 3-in-1 Skin Wash ($6, These products can be used as shampoos, conditioners, and even shave creams. They also have a subtle scent. Switch to them.

9. Tops that enhance the body are available

This is a great idea for guys. You’ve probably tossed out or donated any stained, baggy, or sloppily large tees, and you are now ready to restock. Be aware that classic crew or high V tees in neutral colors like black, navy, and gray are more versatile than lighter colors. They also give you a more defined appearance and don’t show stains as well as light and white colors. These basics can be purchased in multi-packs such as the Hanes Men’s Comfort Wash Short Sleeve T-Shirt Value 4-Pack Charcoal Heather ( $20) and the Gildan Men’s crew T-Shirts Multipack In Assorted Black/Grey (4 pack, $32). A polo style such as the J.Crew Classic Pique Polo Shirt In Raw Indigo ($75, or a moisture-wicking version such as the Old Navy Go Dry Cool Odor Control Core Polo for Men ($20, are great options for a polished, dress-casual look.

10. Make sure you plan your summer activities

Most men have accepted the fact that shaving is not something they do every day for a few days. We get it. This is a subtly edgy, low-maintenance version of a mustache. It gives your lower face definition, hides double chins and saggy jawlines and frames your pearly white smile and lips. It takes three days for scruff to transform from a five-oclock shadow into intentional stubble. Five days is the maximum time before you look lazy. It doesn’t end there. To keep your stubble neat, clean shave the areas outside of your stubble. To adjust the length of your stubble, use an electric trimmer equipped with guard attachments such as the King C. Gillette XT3000 Men’s Style Master Cordless Stubble Trimmer and 3 Attachment Combs ($40 at Cremo Beard & Coconut Oil Conditioner with shea butter, coconut oil. Scruff Softener Wild Mint (, $15) to keep your skin itch-free. To remove any oil, dirt, and sunscreen, be sure to wash your skin with a moisturizing cleanser such as CeraVe Hydrating Face Cleanser for Normal-Dry Skin with Hyaluronic Acid ($13 at

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