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10 Tips for the Amazing DIY Spa Night

Canyon Ranch is a beautiful destination spa that offers a week of blissful unplugged bliss. We’d choose Canyon Ranch over yoga on the beaches, facials, and $6,000 designer clothes if we had to choose! However, dreams aside, who has time or money to pamper, pummel and primp? Even day spas can be expensive these days. Instead, consider making a DIY spa night at your home a monthly ritual that will soothe, smoothen and improve your body, mind, and soul. Here’s how:

1. The evening should be staged

You will only need your own bathroom (sparkly clean), towels, inexpensive drugstore products, and some privacy. You are the only one here, so don’t let your significant other, pets, or even text messages, FaceTime, or emails. You can dim the lights and use aromatherapeutic candles such as the Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Chamomile Bergamot Candle ($15, bathandbodyworks.com) or Project 62 Calm Lavender &. Sage Wellness Candle ($12 at target.com) to go along with a soothing music playlist (anything from Carole King to oceanic waves). L.L. Bean Women’s Ultrasoft Sweatshirt Robe, Charcoal Blue Heather or Light Gray Heather.

Grab a travel mug to enjoy lemon-spiked water or cocoa. All judgments about your flaws should be put aside. A mind and beauty reset is only an hour away.

2. Make a plan

Multitasking and strategizing can help you squeeze multiple benefits into one night. You can use a hair mask or face mask before you go to the bath. After, rinse off the water and shampoo your hair under the tap. Do you prefer showers? A gentle facial scrub can be used to remove dead skin cells from your skin if it is dry or rough. You can use a gentle touch and a micro-fine emollient like St. Ives Soft skin Face Scrub Avocado & Honey (walgreens.com, $6) and Palmer’s Coconut Sugar Facial scrub ($9 at Walgreens.com).

If your skin is sensitive, prone to rosacea or has broken capillaries, skip scrubs. Instead, jump to skin tip number 4. You can also add a body scrub such as the Tree Hut Shea Shea Sugar Crrub in Moroccan Rose (walgreens.com, $9) to your shower or bath to make oils and creams more absorbent. Make sure to remove any old polish and shape your nails before you jump in the bathtub or shower. They are more likely to split or break once they have been wet.

3. Apply a hair mask

This moisture makeover is for damaged hair, dry, fragile, damaged or straightened. While some hair masks can be expensive, such masks cost between $30 and $40. A low-cost mask that is rich in protein and botanical oils costs $12 or less will do the job. Try SheaMoisture Honey &. Yogurt Hydrate + Protein Power Treatment (target.com, $14), Garnier Whole Blends Argan Oil &. Cranberry Extracts Color Care Mask (at walmart.com), Garnier Whole Blends Argan Oil & ($14), and L’Oreal Paris ELVINE Total Repair 5 Damage-Erasing balm ($6 at target.com).

Don’t be afraid to apply the cream generously with a wide-toothed comb. Although the directions suggest that you leave your hair mask on for five to ten minutes, it is a good idea to let it “bake” under a plastic wrap turban or shower cap while you wash your hair or make a quick shave. You will get better results if you wrap your hair, allow it to dry in the steamy bathroom and wait for a longer time. To increase circulation and tension at the roots, you can also shampoo out your mask. Every minute counts.

4. Use a hydrating mask for your face

This treatment is a must-have in any spa experience. It quickly restores the skin’s natural moisture and helps to reduce dryness. Avoid masks that claim to clarify and pore cleanse. Instead, choose one that focuses on moisturizing with wrinkle-plumping Hyaluronic Acid. You can use a sheet mask with hyaluronic acid, such as the Garnier SkinActive Moisturizer Bomb Super Hydrating Mask ($4, walmart.com), or a deeper overnight mask like Olay Hydrating Overnight Gel Mask With Vitamin E ($23 at Target.com). These masks can be applied to freshly cleansed skin.

5. Apply an under-eye peel off mask

Add a pair crescent-shaped masks, as eyes can reveal everything from stress to insomnia and a snack of salty chips to your one-night stand. These masks are best if they contain ingredients such as caffeine to improve darkness and de-puffing, hyaluronic acids for moisture and line filling, or soothers such as cucumber and aloe. The Creme Shop: How Does Your Eye Look? Depuffing &. Brightening Eye Mask ($4, at cvs.com), or Pixi DetoxifEYE (24 at ulta.com), both contain caffeine and hyaluronic acids — or Yes To Cucumbers Depuffing under Eye Masks ($6, at ulta.com), which are infused with cucumber and caffeine.

These masks can be worn under your regular face mask, or you can even use them to sleep as an after-spa-night treat. These infused masks are more potent than old-fashioned teabag-and-cucumber-slice remedies, plus no need to lie down. While they are working, you can keep your eyes closed or open. You can chill them in the refrigerator before they are needed. Cold helps reduce swelling and soothe itchy screen-fatigued eyes.

6. Enjoy a relaxing soak in a hot tub or a warm shower

Water is soothing, and since we tend to ignore the make-it-lukewarm-not-hot edict of dermatologists, do your skin a favor and aim for not too hot. Add some bath salts or gels such as Dr. Teal’s Pure Epsom Salt Balance and. to enhance the benefits of a soak. Calm Matcha Green Tea Foaming Bath $55, Target.com or Dove Renewing Care Bath Salts Peony & Rose ($6 at Walmart.com) added to the water.

Sea salt or Epsom salt are the two types of bath salts. Both salts are rich in minerals, which can do everything, from soothing sore muscles to easing tension headaches, reducing bloating, and de-bloating the breasts and ankles, to calm inflammation and soothe sore muscles. Lavender, green tea, and rose are all deeply relaxing scents. As a pillow support, roll up a towel and place it behind your neck. It’s a simple thing that can make a big difference. You don’t have a bathtub? You can still enjoy the aromatherapeutic benefits of Olay Moisture Ribbons Plus Lavender Oil Oil Body Wash (at $6.99, walmart.com), while sipping peppermint tea. Hot water combined with steam can create a sauna-like effect in the shower.

7. Moisturize to seal your deal

Hot water can cause skin to become dry and itchy. Make sure you apply a rich moisturizer immediately. A towel-blotted, damp skin absorbs more topical products than a bone-dry one. You can choose an overnight mask (see tip #4), your regular night or face cream, or a cream that is rich in hydrating ingredients. Body ($18 at cvs.com). Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Oil Mist ($12; ulta.com), or J.R. Watkins Love Body Oil mist ($15; ulta.com), are both non-greasy spray-on oils that can be used on the body. Don’t forget to file and trim your toenails while they are still soft before you move on to step 8.

8. Massage your feet with a foot scrub or mask

Because each of our 26 bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and muscles are all unique, so spa attention is needed for our aching, callused feet. A separate footbath is not necessary (though it makes a great holiday gift), but a simple scrub tool such as the Spongeables Pedicure In a Spongefoot Buffer 20+ Citron Eucalyptus ($6) at the end of your shower/bath can be helpful. You can also use a post-bath foot scrub like the Aveeno Repairing Cica Foot Mask ($4, Amazon.com), to exfoliate the softened skin on your soles.

Follow with a foot massage. You can use any leftover cream or lotion and your thumbs to press the arches, big and small toes as well as the balls and heels in circular motions. A before-bed exfoliating lotion with AHAs, macadamia nut oils like Soap & is a good option for stubbornly crusty heels. Glory Original Pinkheel Genius Foot cream ($8, ulta.com). Leave it to work overnight while wearing clean cotton socks.

9. Do yourself a favor and give your hands a makeover

Do a few final things before you slip between the sheets. Make sure you massage your hands with a rich cream with plant butters and oils. Keep a tube by your bedside, and you can make this a daily routine.

10. You are about to enjoy a restful night of sleep

L.L. PJs are light and comfortable. The Bean Women’s Super Soft Shrink Free Lounge Set in Arctic Blue Stripe is $89 at llbean.com. Spray your blanket or pillow with an aromatherapeutic spray like Pacifica Moon Body & Pillow Mist ($10 at ulta.com), with subtle hints de-stressing rose and lavender hints, spray your lips with an emollient like the Milani Rose Butter Lip Mask ($7 at ulta.com). Then, slip on a light blocking mask such as Kitsch The Pillow Eye Mask (Black) ($18 at target.com).

Turn off your phone and laptop and turn off the light from your digital alarm. Make sure to light all the calming candles. You’ll feel beautiful and rejuvenated when you wake up.

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