Bobbi Brown Shared the Correct Order to Applying Makeup

You’ve likely been on the other side of a YouTube makeup tutorial. The reason is that the rules of how to properly apply makeup are not universal. Some beauty professionals prefer to use concealer after foundation while others apply it before. While we love to experiment with new ways to look good (or get ready for work), knowing the proper order in which products should be applied is important. This will ensure that your makeup stays on for a long time, looks even and sets well.

Bobbi Brown, the legendary makeup artist, is the best person to clear up all the confusion surrounding this issue. The makeup expert shares her timeless tips for flawless makeup that can be used every day, regardless of the occasion.

How do you apply makeup in the right order?

This is how I do a full-face of makeup:

1. Moisturizer: Make sure you moisturize your neck and face with a moisturizing cream. You should choose a moisturizer that suits your skin’s current state. You can use a thicker moisturizer if you are really dry. But if you feel your skin is fairly moisturized, you can choose a lighter one to avoid getting too oily.

2. Eye cream: A specialized cream is required for the skin around your eyes, and on the eyelids. Apply the cream under your eyes and on your lids. This prepares your eye for makeup application. Make sure concealer and eye shadow go on smoothly.

3. Concealer: Apply the eye cream and then apply your concealer under the eyes. You can conceal dark under-eye pigmentation and shadows by using a shade two shades lighter than your regular foundation. To control where the concealer is placed, I prefer to use a pencil.

4. Tinted moisturizer/foundation: If you use a tinted moisturizer or foundation, or you just do some spot coverage to cover any redness, this is where you’d do that.

5. Tinted balm: Although I don’t use foundation, I love tinted balms that moisturize the skin and give the cheeks a natural glow.

6. Brow pencil: Use a pencil or a brow pencil to fill in your eyebrows.

7. Eyeshadow: Apply your eye shadow(s) next. Start with a light color on the lid. Next, apply a medium-toned shade from the lash line to your crease. For more definition, you can use a darker shade to line your eyes using a brush or layer the shadow over a pencil liner.

8. Eyeliner: I apply eyeliner after I have applied my eyeshadow so that I can see the areas where I need to add definition.

9. Mascara: I use only black mascara, and typically do two coats. Make sure to curl your eyelashes before applying mascara. This will ensure that you don’t damage your eyelashes.

10. Blush: Give your skin a little bit of color with blush. To achieve that natural flushed look, smile and find your apples. A healthy glow is what you want. This is the look you get when you exercise or go for a walk outside.

11. Lip color: It doesn’t matter if you want a gloss or full lips, lipsticks are the finishing touch on your makeup look.

Do you have to change the order depending on whether you are applying a more natural look every day or going glam for an event?

Because I don’t have the time to do them all in one day, I wear less makeup than ever before. My natural look is the first five steps, which I complete in just five minutes. However, the order of the steps does not change.

You can go even more glamorous by adding extra steps to your routine. Have some fun!

Are primers really effective?

A primer is unnecessary if you are using the right moisturizer. Make sure you choose a moisturizer that is right for you and has lots of good-foryou ingredients. This will create the perfect foundation for applying makeup. Primer is an unnecessary step.

Beauty influencers often apply eyeshadow first to ensure that the powder doesn’t get on your makeup. Your opinion?

Except for very heavy makeup like dramatic theatrical makeup or extreme smokey eyes, I prepare my face first with moisturizer, concealer and foundation. Then, I start to apply the eye makeup.

Are you able to add a finishing touch to your look with a setting spray or powder?

If your skin is oily and shiny, I would recommend using a light powder to cover the areas that appear oily. If you don’t feel the need for powder, don’t use it. It can look cakey, especially on older skin.

Setting sprays are not something I recommend. Your natural glow is sufficient if you have chosen the best makeup for you skin.

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