woman wearing red knitted sweater standing on the beach

DIY – Hair Tutorial – High Top Bun

woman wearing red knitted sweater standing on the beach

Sometimes we all need a quick updo to look professional. This 2-minute semi-moot style has been a huge hit with our lifes over the years.

Many already knows a traditional “donut-style” bun. The ponytail should be wrapped in a circular shape. Today’s version is more fan-style. Corkscrew-style spinpins are essential for both buns. The Goody brand is our favorite, but you can find cheaper alternatives. This helps us make buns for the straight hair. You might want to lightly tease or spray your hair with texturizer if you have very thin hair.


Start by putting your hair up in a high ponytail.


Begin by tying a hair elastic around the ponytail. Once you are done, don’t pull the entire ponytail through. Pull only a small portion of your hair through, and leave the rest in the back.


If you have a long hair due to the loop, simply tuck the ends in one of the elastic bands. To secure a shorter tail, you can use bobby pins. It doesn’t matter if your tail looks messy, we’ll fluffing it out and you can pull different pieces from the loop to cover up any messy back.


You’ll be looking like a sumo wrestler at this point, but don’t worry, messy bun perfection can be achieved in just a few steps!


Spread the sumo wrestling bun towards your head. You can be more creative here and pull the bun in different directions to create a fuller look.


You can use a spin pin to secure the corner of your bun as you fan it out. The pins should be inserted gently, just like corkscrews. Your goal is to grab hair from your bun and from your top so that the spin pin “anchors the bun securely.”


Continue with more spin-pins. You can use as many or as few spin pins as you like to anchor each corner of your bun (front left, rear right, back left and back right). To secure a stray section of bun, use another pin.


That’s all! You can now remove any hairs with regular bobby pins. If you have trouble with flyaways and wispies, we suggest that you spray hairspray onto an old toothbrush. Then brush the flyaways down.

We hope you found this helpful. This hairstyle can be paired with casual or more formal looks throughout the seasons.

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