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Hair Styling Tools for Every Hair Type and Style

For those of us who struggle to hold a round brush and a hairdryer simultaneously, it is difficult to achieve a salon-ready look. However, a man can only be as good as the tools he uses, so making sure you have the right tools is crucial for hair styling success. We can only think of Love Island as a positive influence. From Faye’s curly bangs to Mary’s 90s-inspired bun, we are inspired by their hair magic. You’re here because we have the top tools for all the major styles, including mermaid curls, crimping, and waves.

Super Volume

You might find that fine or flat hair is your biggest styling problem. Having the right tools to help you get your hair looking great could be the key to transforming your look. You will see your hair transform from limp and flat to bouncy with a heated round or 2 in1 dryer and styler. You can transform your look with a little lift. Depending on your budget, John Lewis, Revlon, or ghd have your back. For extra volume, crimp the roots of your hair to give it a little extra body.

Straight and Sleek

Straight = boring? You are wrong. Ariana Grande, Kate Moss and Jennifer Anniston would disagree. A straight, sleek hairstyle is the best for beginners. You can get Argan oil and ghd’s to make it look great. You can make your hair look fun by styling your hair in a variety of ways, including a dramatic evening look, a poker straight style, or a playful twist with a floppy bob. You can achieve hairstyle heaven by adding some butterfly clips, a chic headband, or a simple middle part.

While ghd is the best hair straightener, you can also trust Remington and Babyliss for great results.

Straight Outta the 1980s Crimped

Celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan says crimped accent pieces will be back and that we are all here for it. Crimping is a great style for those who don’t mind a throwback look, and for those who want texture and volume that lasts for days. Zingzag hairstyles are most associated with the ’80s and ’90s. However, they make an appearance every year during festival season. This is a flirty and fun alternative to the traditional style. Crimping can be time-consuming, but the results are usually permanent and last for many days.

A friendly reminder: If Hermione Granger is your style icon, don’t brush your crimped hair.

Mermaid Waves of Dreams

The beachy look has always been popular, but mermaid-style waves are here to stay since 2019, especially after Molly-Mae’s amazing collaborations with Beauty Works. This style looks great on both short and long hair and can be brushed out and straightened in the following days. It is also easy to do, which is great for people back at work who have forgotten how to use a brush in 2020. The mermaid waver is somewhere between a curler and a crimper. It creates effortless waves that are perfect for summer and add texture and volume to even the most flat hair.

To achieve the ultimate cool girl mermaid look, you should leave the bottom of your strand looser than the rest. This will give your hair a natural, balanced look, especially if you have shorter hair. You’ll be ready to go in no time!

Drying your hair is not a chore!

Although drying one’s hair may not be something most people enjoy doing, it is an essential task that can be done with ease. High-tech hair styling has become a serious business. If you feel a little bit splumbly lately, a Dyson hairdryer may be something to consider. It’s fast drying without the use of extreme heat, designed for multiple hair types, and equipped with a flyaway attachment. This dryer is seriously the best in multitasking. Babyliss or Remington are budget-friendly options that can be used to do the job well and still save money. For a sleek, shiny look, grab a paddle brush and some oil. You can also dry your hair upside down to add volume.

Creme De La Creme Of Curls

There are many hair curling tools available, from ringlets to big barrelled curls or undone waves. It doesn’t matter if you want to look like Taylor Swift or Dakota Johnson. Beauty Works is the classic choice for all your curling needs. They offer a variety of barrels and attachments that you can switch out to achieve your desired look. Finding the right wand for you is the best thing in life. It’s almost like finding the perfect LBD or pair jeans. Knowing you can trust it is a styling dream.

Non-Electrical Tools

To achieve your desired look, you don’t always need to heat the hair. You can embrace your natural curls with a curling cream like Cantu or Shea Moisture that gives you a defined and shiny look. A heatless curling rod hairband can create gorgeous curls (thanks Tik Tok). These will ensure that baby hairs are never lost. They can also be used to remove flyaway hairs, such as when styling a high ponytail or a sleek bun. A good hairbrush or comb is essential. Anti-static combs prevent frizz and give you loose, beachy waves. Paddle brushes are anti-frizz and the perfect tool for straight, sleek hair. They are also the best hair detanglers, 10/10!

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