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Hair Mistakes Which Make You Look Older

woman wearing black and green top

A great haircut is the best. It’s priceless to feel that feeling of being able to see yourself in the mirror and running your hands through all your new layers. Bad hairstyles can make you look older and less confident. It’s easy to change your hairstyle without spending a lot of money or time. We asked our top hairstylists for their advice on how to fix the most common hair mistakes that women make.

  • Long life for Cat-lady

All women can wear long hair, according to our stylists. However, you will always look older if your hair is too long. Mitch Stone, a celebrity stylist advises that too long hair will always age a woman. “I don’t mean past your shoulders long, but cat-lady length (not to be confused or confused with Cat Woman).Э Stone says that hair should not grow past your ribs. It will make you look older. Stone recommends a classic bob or a shaved bob that is not too long.

You can go long if you like the look. Your hair should not be shorter at the front than it is at the back. Judy McGuinness is a senior stylist at Mizu New York. She says that unless you have a rocker mullet, your haircut will look old. For shorter hairstyles, keep it straight or go a little longer in the front.

  • The wrong length

It can take a lifetime to find the right haircut for you. Talk to your stylist about what the best look is for you and your face. As we age, our hair becomes thinner so it is best to keep it longer than necessary. Marissa Villa, Sam Villa Show Ambassador, says that if your hair is thinned, it is possible to cut it shorter. “If your hair has been long all your life, you might want to change to a lob.”

No matter what you do, ensure your hair has layers and depth. Damian Santiago, coowner of Mizu New York salon, says that the classic haircut that makes a woman appear older and more dowdy, is one where all hair is cut the same length. Then, curl it with a small curling iron. It’s not cute nor modern. This look is too sexy and unnatural for me.

The length of your hair doesn’t really matter as long as it is flattering and dynamic. Santiago shared with us that he has clients who wear long layers and short pixies. Santiago said that a mature client can wear any modern and cool look if they have inner confidence.

  • Never changing your look

Jenna Mast is a hair stylist who believes that the most common mistake women make in looking older is sticking with the same hairstyles for decades. According to her, “If you’re 50 years old, it’s likely that you’ve been going into a salon for 25+years and still like the look of your hair in 1992 when your body lost a lot of weight and you wore the red dress to your cousin’s wedding.” It is likely that you have been showing hairdressers the exact same dated photo and instructed them to replicate that look. Hairdressing, just like all other things, has changed dramatically.

Marissa Villa, Sam Villa Show Ambassador, said to us that it was important to “evolve” — everything always comes back around, but with modern twists.

  • Be careful with the color

Your look can be ruined by going too dark. Marissa Villa, Sam Villa Show Ambassador says that your hair should match your skin tone. Jet black is not the right choice for someone with fair skin. It’s a bad idea to choose jet black if you want to add dimension and depth.

Kelly Cardenas, celebrity colorist, recommends that his clients pay attention to their skin tone when choosing a colour. He says, “Regardless of your hair color, you can make your hair appear younger by going up a shade. But the key is how the highlights are placed.” To brighten your complexion, have your hairdresser frame your face.

Mitch Stone, celebrity stylist agrees that it is important to avoid dark colors and young trends. He advised that hair should be kept clean and not be too stricken with trendy colors for a younger generation. “That time has passed and it’s now time to take control of your destiny and be chic and smart.” Stone recommends to his clients to choose soft colors such as golden blondes or gorgeous reds. You can instantly look years older if you choose to wear darker colors.

Jeff Stump, the owner of Artkiteks salon, points out that dark colors can make you appear older and show grays or white roots more quickly than a subtler color. ЭI recommend that you blend the color with highlights, or a semi-permanent color to make it look natural. This will allow the color to grow much faster than a straight line. It will also give the color a more natural look.Э

  • The wrong part

We learned so much from our expert stylists about the small adjustments that can make all the difference. It was shocking to me that the way you style your hair can affect how old you look. Marissa Villa, Sam Villa Show Ambassador, told The List that straightening your hair down the middle is not a good idea. However, you don’t want to do a severe side part. A soft, irregular part can be flattering. Don’t forget bangs. In some cases they can even make you look younger.

  • Too much volume

Although volume is beautiful, it can also be detrimental to your health. Many people worry about their hair looking too thin because it tends to get thinner as we age. Ask your stylist for a volumizing shampoo that will add volume to your hair.

Co-owner of Mizu New York Salon, Damian Santiago often sees clients looking for volume in the wrong places. He told that a mature client often thinks she needs height. A tamed up hairstyle can make someone look older. Volume can be modern or elegant and look different.

  • Don’t fall flat

It can be difficult to find the right balance for our thin hair. Too much volume can make your hair look 80s. But, it is not something that anyone wants to do. Murat Evin, creative Director at The London School of Make-Up, says that while it is a mistake to have too much hair volume, having too little can lead to a lot of problems.

Long hair can lead to premature aging for many people, both men and women. They either let their hair fall too flat or don’t use mousse when blow drying their hair. Flat hair does not emphasize prominent facial features, even according to Even. Flat hair can draw more attention to your nose and chin if they aren’t important. Do not use too much product on your hair.

  • The wrong shampoo

Shampoo can affect your hairstyle and make you look older. Shampoos that are suited for normal hair types may not be the best choice as you get older. Marissa Villa, Sam Villa Show Ambassador says that beautiful hair requires the right products and tools. “Grey hair and aging hair have unique characteristics that require a mask one week, color protection shampoo, thermal protector, and more effort to fight frizz.”

  • Keep it healthy

Hair that is damaged looks older than it really is. This can make the owner look older. You must maintain your natural shine by taking care of your hair. You should consider going to the salon to get your hair cut if you notice a lot split ends. Marissa Villa, Sam Villa Show Ambassador, recommends that you get extensions if your hair isn’t long enough. This will give your hair more volume and length. “Looking good makes you feel great, and you can only look as good as you feel.”

  • You can cool it with the accessories

We often fall back to the clothes we wore when younger if we want to look more youthful. That worked back then. But, pulling out those old shiny butterfly clips can also make you look older than you actually are. Dina Scherer NYC Image & Wardrobe Stylist & Modnitsa personal stylist and owner recommends that hair accessories be kept to a minimum. Scherer warns against hairstyles that contain too many outdated accessories such as scrunchies and hair clips that aren’t matched your hair color or are obvious, and certain types of claw clippings. They all draw too much attention to their own hair and can distract from your style.

A soft, loose ponytail is best for those who tend to wear their hair longer. Vernon Francois, celebrity hairstylist, says that if you like long hair, a loose, low ponytail on the side or in the middle of your head is better than a tight, tight ponytail. I recommend choosing accessories that are similar to your hair color or match it. Avoid anything cartoony or gimmicky.

Your hair and you are beautiful just the way they are. You don’t need to cover your hair with neon scrunchies.

  • Helmet head beware

As we age our hair becomes thinner so it can be tempting to spray some hairspray on your hair and get some volume. Too much hairspray can give you that 80s-style look. Scott Yance, a celebrity hair stylist, said that while we all want to avoid this style, it is still very popular among news anchors and others.

“When my clients request a cut like this I’m honest with them. It will make them look years older.” Yance prefers to avoid traditional hairspray altogether. He prefers to use more versatile products that let hair move. If your hair isn’t moving in the windstorm, you should get rid of hairspray.

  • Styles with a slicked back

It’s an opportunity to be true to ourselves as we age and let go of the self-consciousness that ruled our 20s and 30s. You can rock your natural hair texture without having to tie it up. This will only make you look older.

Scott Yance says that while loosely tucked hair can look very attractive, tight buns and ponytails tend to emphasize wrinkles and imperfections. It’s important to consult your stylist about the best haircut for you.

Dina Scherer, a stylist, recommends avoiding pulled back styles that look too young like pigtails and mini side buns. “These looks can be fun and flirty for a 20- or even 30-year-old if done in a dramatic or feminine way, but can look ridiculous on a 40- to 50-year-old, aging them by the nature of being disconnected, and not-age-appropriate.”

  • Your gray is your best color

Most people assume that it is time to cover up gray hairs. Not everyone needs to rush to the colorist. Julie Featherman, stylist, says that there are some lucky women with a perfect, enviable shade of silver. Talk to your stylist about ways you can showcase your gray with style. Featherman suggests accentuating gray with silver glosses and ‘pepper lowlights’. The right cut is also recommended. A younger appearance is another feature. Being able to embrace your gray and be proud of it.

  • Your lifestyle should be reflected in your hair

You have achieved many great things in your life. Today, you are in a completely different place than 20 years ago or five years ago. Your hairstyle should change with your life. Julie Featherman, a Juju salon owner and stylist, reminds us that we should choose a cut that suits our lives.

If you have been working in corporate jobs for a while, your hair should reflect this. She explains that a former polished corporate look will not work on the mat or in your new endeavors. Swap out the structured, polished look for something more tactile and less structured.

  • Makeup is an important part of your look

You will look great with a beautiful, young hairstyle. But, if your makeup is making you look older, nobody is going to notice. Mitch Stone, a celebrity stylist, often sees clients who have too much makeup on their faces. He explains that when skin begins to age, makeup can make lines and wrinkles appear more severe if it isn’t applied correctly. Use a light foundation and go slow to accentuate your eyes, lips and cheeks.

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