black Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses on beach sand

Grayman and Company Impact Resistant Sunglasses Review

black Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses on beach sand

We all know the concept of ballistic, impact-resistant eyewear. However, we also know that there was always a compromise in the return on protection, in terms of aesthetics or clarity. Grayman and Company has created three unisex sunglasses that are both functional and stylish.

These sunglasses were created for everyday elegance and are the result of a two-year-long project by Grayman. It all started when Grayman’s founder was looking for stylish alternatives to the unattractive sunglasses that dominate the market.

Acetate Aviator, Small Keyhole and Keyhole feature state-of the-art polarized lens technology. This allows them to offer unrivalled impact resistance, scratch resistance and clarity comparable to glass, without compromising style.

Grayman and Company tested the lenses against a 6.35mm stainless steel ball at 150 feet per second. These tests are the same ones used to evaluate ANSI Z87.1 ratings. Additionally, the lenses have an ABBE value of 45. This is the highest score possible on the clarity test. It means that the wearer experiences less chromatic distortion. The lenses have a Bayer rating 6 which means they are more scratch resistant than mineral glass. Comparatively, polycarbonate lenses, such as those in ballistic eyewear, are extremely susceptible to scratches and have a Bayer rating 1.

The lightweight Mazzuchelli Acetate Frames add style and substance to your look. They are sourced from Varese in Italy where the Mazzucchelli family produces world-class frames.

  • Keyhole

The Keyhole is a timeless style that’s similar to James Dean’s eyewear. The nose bridge is keyhole-style, keeping it elegant and sophisticated. Its rounded bottoms add an extra touch of debonair.

  • Small Keyhole

The Small Keyhole model, which is smaller and more round than the Keyhole frame that’s taller, is designed for people who value discretion. It has a more utilitarian, understated look. These are the most basic model, with the same basic silhouette as modern sunglasses but without any style. They’re perfect for people who want to blend in.

  • Acetate Aviator

Grayman and Company have reimagined the iconic aviator frame. This retro style is not adorned with shiny metal hardware and has a more subtle look than the classic frame.

Grayman and Company source components from Japan, Italy and China. However, the glasses are assembled by Grayman and Company in the United States. Acetate Aviator and Keyhole are available in five traditional frame colors. The Small Keyhole is available in three options.

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