people sitting on chair

Gift Ideas for Someone Who is Reluctantly Returning to Work

people sitting on chair

For months office workers have reluctantly returned to their desks in drips, drabs, all over the countries. But, come January bosses will be more interested in ergonomic chairs for the new year.

There are two types of office returners. The ones who have been waiting for their return for at least two years and those that will likely sell their firstborn to Elon Musk in order to not be forced to sit under fluorescent lighting the majority of the day. This is the list for those who are in the latter category. This is an unfortunate fate, as all bad things are.

We can only bring the comforts of home to the workplace. Although some creature comforts such as your couch or a quick afternoon shower/snack combo won’t be welcomed in the office, others will. These suggestions are an investment in your ability and willingness to have a meaningful conversation with your friend, not just 35 minutes of complaining.

  • The Gift of Moisture

Office air is known for being dry and uncomfortable. If you are a reluctant office worker, it is important to moisturize as much as possible. You can achieve this in a variety of ways including face creams, hand lotions and lip balms. Blotting paper is a great option for friends who aren’t as hydrated as you. They make great stocking stuffers.

Be aware that these gifts should not contain strong scents. Even though your friend may hate that they are there, it doesn’t mean that they should be hated for being there with your gift. However, they shouldn’t be the worst person at work because they spray a strong fragrance on their faces every hour.

  • The Loudest Keyboard You Can Find

Perhaps your friend is bitter about the fact that they have to return to work, or maybe they are just incredibly selfish. A super loud Bluetooth-compatible keyboard is a great option to replace the current keyboard. This keyboard is great for people who use their keyboards with purpose. This adorable keyboard is for the friend who likes cute shit. It isn’t very loud but will turn heads.

  • Label Maker

Every workplace is subject to office theft, real or imagined. This can be avoided by clearly labeling everything you own with a large, legible font. Rachel, the receptionist, can’t leave your leftover chicken soup behind if she pulls out Tupperware labeled from the local fridge. Our years spent in a business that relied on good labels were a testament to our conviction that Brother’s label makers will make your life easier.

  • Pet Camera

In the early days of the pandemic everyone adopted a cat or dog with their mom. It may have been difficult for some to part ways with their pet. Although we don’t believe in allowing the surveillance state to enter a home, we don’t think dogs should be allowed to chew on Peloton pedals because they are bored.

There are many types of pet cameras on the market. However, the best ones to consider are those that let you talk to your pet or allow you to hear inside your home in the event your rugrat barks at nothing. The cameras that allow you to talk to your pet only work if they are proficient in basic commands. Your pet will respond to you shouting commands from your desk, much to the utter amazement of your colleagues. It’s fun to see the treats being dispensed by cameras, but Fido will soon decide to hit the camera for more. Before you give this gift, make sure to know everything about Fido.

  • A blanket with a shawl

If you have a heated office, webwill show you the hell. You can gift a shawl to someone you care about by making it yourself. If you are into crochet or knitting, you can also find one on Etsy that looks just like you made it. If you’re feeling creative, there are tons of patterns available online. There’s also a lot of small businesses that sell shawls in every style.

  • Immune Boosting Supplements

First, don’t go back to work unless you feel great and have been vaxxed. The Moderna shot and the Pfizer will not help with regular office colds. Give your friend some vitamin C by giving them a gummy, a powder to put in their water or a huge bag of oranges that they can share with their office friends.

  • A Mug Louder than Your Keyboard

Each office has its own Whose Mug is It Anyway. Contestants have to comment on any mugs that are not in the designated place, missing, or unwashed. While some people will accept the stale, disposable mugs provided by their workplace, others may prefer a selection of statement mugs. Huellas Artisinal Boutique and Hebron Arts have beautiful collections of porcelain and ceramic mugs in various sizes. They will not make you look like an idiot if you take the mug.

  • A Notebook for Hot Office Gossip

Stationary is one gift that can be affordable and still give you the “I thought hard about what I should get you” vibe. Even though we live in an age where everything is digital, there are few things that feel more pleasant than picking up a pen and writing out some of the wildest things your coworkers have said in a beautiful, understated notebook.

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