four wine glasses

Gia Coppola’s Summer Entertaining Guide with Wine

four wine glasses

Gia is the granddaughter of Francis Ford Coppola and the niece of Sofia Coppola. She is a filmmaker, photographer and creative force. We were curious to learn her tips for entertaining with wine in summer, which was not surprising. For her tips on how to host a warm-weather wine festival, read on.

Selecting the Wine

“I believe my orange wine is very refreshing for a summer gathering,” she tells. The bottle can be chilled slightly and has a funky, hazy taste with honeydew, quince, kumquat and clove. It makes a great summer glass to enjoy. A bottled “SanGia” was also released by her, which she enjoys over ice with fresh fruits. A chilled white or rose is always a good choice for summer parties.

…And How Much of It

Coppola suggests that larger bottles and easier sharing are the best way to ensure plenty of wine at a party.

Fresh Food Pairings

A summer get-together with wine is made better with a no-fuss food pairing. Coppola shared “a friend taught me a great summer salad called “summer panzanella” which I love to make. It’s made from spiraled thin zucchini, raw sweet corn and fresh heirloom tomatoes. Burrata cheese is added with balsamic vinaigrette. It’s also seasoned with fresh basil, mint, and arugula.”

Relaxed Backdrop

The sun is still shining, so it’s a great time to entertain in the summer.

Unique Presentation

How you choose to present and serve your guests is another opportunity to set the mood and feel at home in the environment you’ve created. She shares that she has all the vintage mismatched dishes from Chinatown that she loves to use at gatherings. “It gives my table an unique and pretty look because none of the dishes match.” Coppola is very mindful of glassware when creating a tablescape.

Coppola says, “I love these small glasses and I like to serve my wine there.” They aren’t your usual glass to drink wine in, but they are elegant and casual and perfect for outdoor summer parties.

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