woman doing yoga meditation on brown parquet flooring

Garcelle Beauvais knows a lot about longevity

woman doing yoga meditation on brown parquet flooring

Her 30-year career in Hollywood is a testament to the power of the switch-up and longevity. She was first broadcast to households almost 25 years ago as Francesca “Fancy”, Monroe, the beautiful, ambitious, and classy female counterpart of Jamie Foxx, who is eccentric, talented, but also thirsty. People are rewatching the series after it aired its final episodes in 2001 because they love all things nostalgic. This is a result of the rise in throwback-photo-centric Instagram accounts like @90sanxiety or @hellosfrom90s, which have posted vintage photos of Beauvais at the airport or on the red carpet. It has also introduced Beauvais’ style to a new generation.

“It’s been so interesting because many times I get tagged in videos and I’m like, ‘What is this?'” Beauvais jokes. “Even today someone posted a JCPenney advertisement I did many moons back and someone had a photograph of me at the Playboy Club, New York City back then. It’s amazing to me that people find these things. It’s both beautiful and flattering.”

Beauvais’ plate is more than full with her second season as a Real Beverly Hills Housewife airing on the small screen now, her Going to Bed with Garcelle taking off with guests including Tiffany Haddish, Chelsea Handler, and Margaret Cho, and her appearance as a cartoon version of herself on HBO Max’s The Prince. Her latest venture is a collaboration between jewelry designer and Beauvais on a range of statement-making rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces that cost from $98 to $850. Beauvais says, “When Roni Blanshay offered me the chance, it was logical because I loved the pieces in their collection.” “I was like, “Absolutely, we should do it now” because jewelry is something that can be worn even though we wear masks.”

Beauvais talks about what her iconic character Fancy meant to representation, her beauty approach, how she celebrates her Haitian heritage, and more. “It’s almost as if I am getting my flowers right now. Because so many people realize how deeply they have been touched by their work after they die. It’s great to be acknowledged in this moment.”

On playing the iconic Francesca “Fancy” Monroe and what she represents in an industry that is still struggling with representation:

Fancy knew who she was, and was not willing to compromise her values for Jamie. Fancy understood her worth and it was really lovely to look back at her character but also to see how she has been received over the years.

On how she’s been getting dressed (or not) throughout the pandemic:

RHOBH aired 170 episodes from our home. I would wear Uggs or sweatpants, and sometimes even pajamas bottoms. It was all good. It’s taught me that accessorizing is still something we can all do. It’s great to be able dress up when I’m on Zoom calls or FaceTime. Accessorizing makes it feel more normal even though it was an unusual time.

On how she approaches her beauty routine:

Moisturizing is a must for my skin. The best thing about the past year and half has been that you don’t always have to visit a spa. While it is nice to go to a spa, I believe we all have learned how to take care of ourselves, including exfoliating and masking. If I want to have a great experience, I don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars. It has been great to be able to do some things at home.

What I’m learning to do more and more is give myself a break. That might mean not wearing makeup on weekends and being gentle with my skin. That’s the lesson we all have learned, I believe: Be gentle with yourself and everything else.

On how she practices self-care:

It feels like you are working more because you don’t take a lunch break or meet up with friends after work. Sometimes I feel like I’m stuck and can’t do any other thing. If I don’t feel good about myself, then I won’t be able to do the same for anyone else. When that happens, I’ll shut down my phone and turn it off. If my boys are there, I will say, “Guys, we just need an hour.” To recharge and feel better, I will take a shower and listen to music. I don’t want my health to suffer.

On how she celebrates and honors her Haitian heritage:

I love that I keep some Haitian traditions alive in my home. I speak Kreyol with my sisters, and cook traditional Haitian meals. These things help me stay grounded and allow me to be present in the world.

On her podcast Going to Bed with Garcelle:

People would walk out of the room saying, “This could be a TV show. You should make it.” Finally, my producer partner with me sold the idea. Then came the pandemic. They decided to create buzz and incubate it as a podcast. It’s been great and liberating. Every week I have a celebrity guest, and then one of my friends or girlfriends. The topics that we talk about when we meet up in real life are pretty much the same. It’s not about making people feel embarrassed or ashamed. It’s all about sharing stories and laughing and it’s been great fun. We have had Tiffany Haddish and Chelsea Handler, Kandi Burruss, Jamie Foxx and many others.

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