How to Choose You Perfect Bra


While non-wired bras may not be better for your health, they can improve spinal health for those who opt to forgo wired bras in order to avoid more restrictive bras. We recently reported that removing a bra can affect your posture, which could have repercussions for other areas of your body.

Alexandra Thrower (Brand Manager at Chantelle bra brand), explained that “your bra plays a very important function, and that is protecting and bearing the weight of your bust. You will have saggy boobs if you don’t wear one. It’s that simple. It is gravity, after all. The bust is the most heavy, and the worse it gets.”

“Most women don’t realize how heavy their busts are (anything from 500g to 2+ kg for B/C cups and G/cup). They should be supported. A bra may cause back, neck, and shoulder pains. It can also lead to headaches.”

For those who are sensitive to wires, non-wired bras can be more comfortable for them.


Fitting is the main factor that can make objectively comfortable bras feel uncomfortable. Even if you buy the most comfortable bras, if they don’t fit right you won’t be able to reap the benefits.

You can measure your bra size with a traditional tape measure at home. Online measuring services are available for those who don’t feel confident about the process and can’t reach a professional. Companies like Nudea lingerie or Triumph have modernized the measurement process by offering online measurements.

Nudea created a custom tape measure to make it easier for bras to fit properly. It provides helpful guidance and color-coded zones that make it easy to read the band and cup sizes.


As we have said, choosing the right bra for you is an individual thing. You need to take into account your needs and make the right choice.

You want to find the best non-wired bras that provide enough support for your bust. While non-wired bras are generally less supportive than wired ones, there are a few designs we like that work well for lounging.

When it comes to fitting, the same rules apply to non-wired bras and wired bras. The shoulder straps and back straps must not ride up, and should not leave any marks or dig in. The cup should be filled evenly, but not too full. Your breasts should remain in the right position.

You should consider the fabric of your non-wired bra and how hot it gets. Bralettes and non-wired bras often have thicker materials to add sculpt and support. However, if your skin is becoming too hot or sweaty you may want to consider mesh led styles.


This Freya bralette is a beautiful piece of underwear. It comes in six colors – so no matter what your mood is, you can find an Erin that suits it. The brand is known for making some of the most beautiful bras. Although the largest size is an XL (the largest being a XL), the conversion charts available on-site indicate that the XL will fit up to a B cup in this style. This bra is one of the best non-wired bras for large busts.


Marks & Spencer’s Flexifit is used to make some of the best bras in the brand, including this sleep bra. It’s designed to feel like second skin, so that you won’t even notice it while it’s on. The crop top bralette has a full-coverage fit with removable padding so you can choose the right shape for you. It is available in eight color options. The crop top style gives it a sporty, fashion-forward look. The hidden gel underband provides extra support and offers additional support. It has a large back band, making it ideal for anyone looking to reduce back fat. It is available in sizes 22 and up (in dress sizing). This bra provides good support but may not be the best bra for larger busts.


This bra is non-wired and can be worn with low-cut tops. Although it is only available in one size, Sloggi claims that the bra can be adjusted to fit all body types.

This bra is non-wired and has a double-wide under-bust band for support. It also features wide straps for comfort.

It has flexible seams that move with your body, so you don’t have to dig. Also available in six pretty colors so you can pick the one that best suits your style.


This non-wired bra comes in nine colors, including pops of bright and muted colors. It is invisible under t-shirts and features a unique jacquard pattern for extra detail. This bra can now be ordered up to a 40 back and G cup. This is great news for anyone looking for a non-wired bra that fits big busts. This bralette, which has adjustable straps, is a premium looking bralette that can be adjusted to fit your body.

For added comfort, the brand prints the labels on the backband. This means you don’t need to cut out the information to make it sit flat. Nudea has some of the most luxurious packaging available, including a wash bag and lots of luxury tissue paper.


Pour Moi is a great place for plus-size swimwear and lingerie. The brand offers a wide range of styles and staple pieces in trendy designs.

This classic tee-shirt bra is perfect for wearing underneath tight-fitting clothing. It is more comfortable than many of the other bras we have reviewed and has a contrasting lace underneathband that makes it stand out. Although it looks like the bra has underwiring, its molded design is wire-free.

This bra is quite narrow in the back, making it difficult to find bras that will reduce back fat. You’ll need a wide back band and plenty of depth. It does fit up to size 44. This is an attractive option if you are looking for a bra with a wider underband.


Alex, the CEO of the brand, created The Freedom Bra after she struggled to find a wire-free bra that was comfortable and supportive. Her research and development led to the creation of the ‘Freedom bra. The company was launched in June 2020 during the pandemic and quickly became a favourite among larger-spending shoppers. This bralette is extremely comfortable and offers the same support as regular bras. This simple silhouette feels elegant and comfortable, with a plunge finish.

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