selective focus photography of hanged denim jeans


selective focus photography of hanged denim jeans

G-Star RAW has announced its latest Hardcore Denim campaign. This time, Snoop Dogg is featured in a series influenced by the ’90s and military styles made from sustainable materials. The campaign and collection are accompanied by a brand new track, “Say It Witcha Booty”, which was recorded specifically for the campaign. This is the soundtrack to a promotional video that highlights select styles, both men’s and women’s. The campaign was officially launched on September 8.

G-Star was founded in 1989 with the goal of creating luxury denim for urban consumers. This approach was similar to many 1980s designer jeans brands. However, G-Star went beyond the label and focused on superior craftsmanship, specifically the use of untreated raw denim. A combination of three-dimensional and architectural technologies is key to creating silhouettes that resonate with consumers. G-Star RAW has experimented with many dyes and washes over the years. These range from dark indigo to bleached, as well as different fabric textures.

These innovations have set the standard for urban-centered brands, and have been a ripple through streetwear. G-Star RAW has been a pioneer in sustainability, from the way cotton is grown and processed, to the use recycled fibers.

G-Star RAW’s Hardcore Denim collection continues this mission. It delivers a premium product that reflects G-Star RAW’s craftsmanship and attention to detail. However, these collections aren’t just a retread of old territory with new collaborations or fabrications. They test the brand and the medium of denim. This latest effort fuses sustainable Japanese denim with an eye for military construction and silhouettes.

Hardcore Denim also brings in other innovative people. Snoop Dogg seems like the right choice. He’s been a pioneer in West Coast hip hop since the mid-’90s. He’s released 19 studio albums, including several Billboard chart-topping records, over this period. This has resulted in more than 40 million copies sold. He is a modern-day hip hop mogul and has since branched into television, producing and hosting Martha &. Snoop’s Potluck Dinner was nominated him for an Emmy. Similar efforts can be found on MTV’s Mary + Jane and TNT’s Joker’s Wild.

He explained in a press release that he is teaming up G-Star because they are both pushing the field and staying ahead. “We both are masters at our craft and lead the game.”

The video is dominated by the shape-highlighting jeans for women, but Snoop Dogg also wears a variety of styles for men. Two of them are made from Wakoucha denim (a 13.25 oz. 3×1 right-twill material, woven in Japan), combining five indigo dips with a sulfur-based dye creates a solid, darker shade that is not as expected.

The GSRR Cropped Lined Shirt is a denim shacket shirt with strong military influences. This garment is fully lined and draws inspiration from the 1990s-era NATO cold weather aircrew suits. It features welted snap pockets at both the waist and inner-chest, full lining for warmth and a prominent zipper. Snap buttons are hidden and there’s a drawcord waist.

The GSRR 3D Pilotte Jeans are also inspired by military design. This time they use 1940s U.S. Air Force A-9 flying trousers. These jeans are straight and have a side-entry rear pocket. They also feature the usual five-pocket construction.

Antique Worker Denim is an organic cotton-based material with a 3×1 right hand twill pattern. The denim is blended with recycled polyester and a little elastane to provide a more flexible fit, without compromising its strength or structure. This denim fabric is used to make the Utility Flap Pocket Jacket. It features a belted construction with a 1930s-inspired battle dress uniform (BDU). The Relaxed Tapered Cargo Trousers look exactly like they sound. They are slimmer and military-inspired, with zipper closures, welted pockets and a 3D flap pocket.

Other styles include organic cotton and recycled materials, in addition to the two types of denim. The Logo Badge Sweater is one of these styles. It is a sweatshirt-inspired style that is made from G-Star RAW’s 100% organic cotton Heavy Hodson Sweat Unbrushed material.

Snoop Dogg’s influence is evident in accessories. However, they have a distinct ’90s look that blends well with the clothing’s obvious military influences. A bandana made of Auniq Weave recycled polyester is a standout, with an Arrow logo repeating.

Multicoloured check-pattern bucket-hat made from recycled polyester and recycled wool. It has a woven-twill material that gives it a felt-like feeling. This is a modern take on retro overshirts, with metal eyelets to increase breathability.

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