round black and orange Casio G-Shock analog watch


round black and orange Casio G-Shock analog watch

Combining some of the most resilient materials in watchmaking: metal, carbon fiber, and resin, the and the uphold the legacy of the G-SHOCK Master of G series while remaining lighter than most. These timepieces were designed to withstand shock and keep water out, even in harsh environments. Their carbon core guard structure is unique, with a carbon fiber reinforced resin shell, carbon fiber insert bezel and dual-layered caseback. It also has shock resistant buttons. These watches are the best in tough watches and are pound for pound the most durable for EDC watches.

The measures in with a 53.1mm case at 3.24 oz while the a sizeable 54.1mm, weighing in at 2.99 oz. These larger cases allow for detailed hybrid faces that combine the best of both the digital and analog worlds. The MUDMASTER has a traditional LCD display for the digital section. However, the GRAVITYMASTER has an inverted LCD display that further enhances its stealth-inspired design. You get full G-SHOCK timekeeping functions, including a stopwatch and alarms, timers, timers, and a step counter. The auto calendar counts up to 2099.

Both watches feature quad sensors, including a thermometer, a pressure sensor (altimeter/barometer), magnetic sensor (digital compass), and accelerometer (step tracker) for even more advanced information right on your wrist.

The watches can also connect via Bluetooth to the G-SHOCK Connected app, giving you expanded accessibility to a Mission Log feature, world time for over 300 cities, a calorie counter, and a phone finding feature, among others. For low-light visibility, the watches have a “Super Illuminator”.

Two LEDs are used to illuminate the dial when they are activated. One LED illuminates an analog face, while the other LED acts as a backlight and illuminates the LCD display. They are made of spherical mineral glass for their durability and water resistance up to 200 metres. A resin band makes them easy to wear wherever you go.

If you want a watch that’ll be able to keep up with you during the toughest of circumstances in some of the most hazardous environments, either of these G-SHOCKs are more than up to the task.

The Mudmaster price is $380 USD while the Gravitymaster is slightly cheaper at $350 USD.

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