woman in blue t-shirt holding baby in white and red onesie

How to Get the Chic Grandmillennial Fashion Trend

woman in blue t-shirt holding baby in white and red onesie

TikTok decided that a new trend was needed just as we thought we had mastered the whole coastal grandma thing. It’s not far from the Nancy Meyers-inspired coastal chic trend but it feels and looks a little different. TikTok users have called it “grandmillennial”, but granny chic could be a good alternative.

Many of us wouldn’t be proud to take accessories or clothing from grandmas in the past. However, Gen Z is excited to wear vintage pieces in a new way while still being comfortable and accepting pre-loved clothes.

Grandmillennials are more about being stylish than fashion, unlike the coastal grandmother trend. You’ll need a few key pieces to nail this trend: ruffled blouses and voluminous dresses, as well as crocheted sweater vests and sweater vests.

The best thing about granny chic is its focus on comfort. There won’t be any high heels, tight trousers, or excessive accessories. Only soft sweaters and frilly tops will do.

Marie Kondo was ahead of this trend. This means that we got rid of a lot of our beautiful hand-me downs and frilly clothes we haven’t worn for a while. After clearing out all your old vintage items, you may be looking for new pieces that will make you happy. Here are some fashion inspirations to help you get started if you want to try this trend.

Grandmillennial Fashion Essentials

Harlow Wide-Leg Pants Madewell

This trend includes styles we already love, so you don’t have to purchase clothing out of your comfort zone. The wide-leg trousers can be worn in many styles. However, they look great paired with a ruffled blouse or comfortable dress shoes.

Lucky Brand Sweater Vest

Granny squares are the best gift for grandmas. Many brands now make sweaters with the same classic motif as the blanket you remember. This vest is made of cotton thread so it’s very breathable. It would look great worn alone or with a collared shirt.

Abercrombie & Fitch Sleeve Smocked Bodice Midi Dress

Volume is everything, baby. Grandmillennials love tiered dresses with puffy sleeves and a sleeve that is oversized. The print on this dress reminds us of our grandmother’s couch in the 1970s, but in the best possible way. This look can be completed with a wicker bag, or a spacious satchel.

Michael Stars Dana Blazer

Easy to wear, but not too slouchy. This ticks all the boxes! Contrary to structured blazers that can sometimes feel stuffy. The relaxed silhouette of this blazer is very casual. It feels lived-in and cozy with its shawl collar, scrunched sleeves, and sloppy sleeves.

Everlane Seersucker Gathered T-Shirt

The gathered top is full of volume and can be paired with fitted pants or skirts to create contrast. The vintage-inspired green stripes are a great match for granny chic. It has wide sleeves and a loose, billowy bodice that will not make you feel tight. This top is also comfortable enough to wear out in public.

Spanx Wide Leg Twill Pants

It’s fun to play with proportions. This is a great way to make clothes look more grandmillennial. These are a great fit! Reviewers loved the look of the pants, pointing out that they were a little difficult to pull on, but the Spanx technology was worth it. The material is thick enough not to cover your panty lines but not too thick to make you sweat.

Hill House Home Ellie Nap Dress

We are not claiming that the Hill House nap dress may have triggered the grandmillenial trend. Although it is cute, the dress is not comfortable enough to be worn to bed. Katie has been wearing it a lot this summer, which might explain why. It’s ruched and stretchy. The sweet ruffled sleeves feel childish without being too childish. A dress like this could be worn by itself, but a cardigan would add vintage-chic flair.

Lulu’s Navy Blue Cotton Gauze Dress

A grandma doesn’t have to show some shoulder, right? This dress has a wide neckline that allows you to show off your decolletage. The breezy cotton fabric will keep you cool during hot days. However, it can be layered with a sweater to stay cooler.

Lele Sadoughi pearl glasses chain

The glasses chain has been in fashion for a while, but the Golden Girls are timeless. This is a great way to keep your readers close and avoid having to search for them. These pearls can also be used as jewelry or a way to easily find your glasses.

Aerosoles East Side Loafer

These are not your grandma’s loafers. These slip-on shoes, made with soft leather and featuring a snakeskin design embossed on them, are a modern interpretation of the classic design. These shoes are chic enough to wear for formal events or work, and they also feel like slippers so they’re comfortable all day.

J.Crew Reversible Bucket Cap

We think of bucket hats when we think back to the times we spent fishing with grandpa, tending to grandma’s garden, picking berries, and other activities together. The vintage-inspired paisley pattern is a great choice, but you can also choose a plain black side for those days when you want something simpler.

Rattan Shoulder Bag

Although it is not a Mary Poppins bag this bag will hold all your essentials. The rattan-based circle bag has a cottagecore feel, but is also very similar to vintage basket bags. It’s easy to carry with the crossbody strap and opens like a shell so you can access all contents (such as your vintage makeup compact and dainty handkerchief).

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