woman holding clear glass bottle during daytime

Four Beauty Influencers Share Their Self-Care Tips While Working From Home

woman holding clear glass bottle during daytime

The lines between work and home can often blur when your office and home is one thing. Self-care can be more of a self-love act than a work-life balance. Here are four TikTok beauty bloggers who share their tips on staying happy, healthy, and looking great while working remotely.


Valentina believes self-care is about taking time out from her electronics to recharge and disconnect during work hours. It is important to take a few minutes to be alone. This is a self-love act, and all women deserve time to be alone and love themselves.

“Plum Beauty products are a reminder to me to love myself during the day. Every product has different benefits so it’s nice to have a change in my routine.”

“Plum Beauty Eyebrow Shaping Razors are my favorite, as I regularly shave my face. These razors are very delicate but extremely effective. Plum Beauty Amethyst Facial Roller, and Vibrating Facial Massager, are my favorites crystals. Both products are beautiful!”

Valentina’s favorite products:

  • Plum Beauty Eyebrow Shaping Razor ($5)
  • Plum Beauty Amethyst Facial Roller ($20)
  • Plum Beauty Rose Quartz Vibrating Face Massager ($19)


Miyaeva says that self-care is about caring more about your mental health and being happy than worrying about what others think. She’s fortunate to have been able build her career around her passion for beauty.

“I have a combination of my job and my self-care. This includes self-care videos, skincare routines, and so on. Although I strive to maintain a balance between work time and personal life, I sometimes take breaks to allow me to feel more in control.”

Plum Beauty is her go-to for skincare products when she has the time. “Plum Beauty products are my favorite when I need self-love. They make me feel happier and more confident.”

Miyaeva’s top picks:

  • Plum Beauty Cooling Facial Roll ($10)
  • Plum Beauty Uplifting Facial Roll ($20)
  • Plum Beauty Contouring Facial Roll ($15)
  • Plum Beauty Sculpting Beauty Bar ($15)


“Self-care is everything to me. You need to take time for yourself, especially as a mom.” Jade shares that she spends her time lighting candles, listening to good music and giving her skin some TLC. “Sometimes, as a mother and woman, it is easy to forget to just be there for yourself. Even if it takes only 10 minutes, it can make a big difference in our mind and soul.”

She says, “Being a stay at-home mom and also working remotely can be overwhelming. I usually have 45 minutes each morning to myself. This time is when I do my morning routine. It includes using Plum Beauty products and a quick workout at home. My day-to-day energy has been greatly improved by focusing on my health.”

“Plum Beauty products have made my skin look amazing. My face is so hydrated and beautiful since I started using the Facial Steamer with the Cooling Facial Roller. You can really make a big difference in your skin’s health if you take good care of it. You feel confident and your makeup looks flawless.”

Jade’s favorite products:

  • Plum Beauty Eyebrow Shaping Razor ($5)
  • Plum Beauty Cooling Facial Roller ($10)
  • Plum Beauty Rose Quartz Vibrating Face Massager ($19)
  • Plum Beauty Contouring Facial Roll ($15)


Kyra is a teacher and self-care means making time each day to replenish her mind, body, and soul. It can be hard to separate her work and personal time when she works from home. She insists on establishing clear boundaries, no matter what. “If I allow myself to slip, I will feel the consequences later.” She explains that she does not work beyond 9 p.m. during the week.

Kyra is able to feel her best when she maintains a certain boundary. It’s knowing that she doesn’t have to spend a lot to feel beautiful.

“Plum Beauty is great because you can feel your best, without feeling guilty about it. It enhances your natural beauty. Personal Hair Trimmer is my favorite! It’s great for my legs and any other areas that I have hair problems.”

Kyra’s favorite products:

  • Plum Beauty Personal Hair Trimmer ($9)
  • Plum Beauty Eyebrow Shaping Razor ($5)
  • Plum Beauty Facial Hair Removal ($14)
  • Plum Beauty Facial Cleansing System ($10)
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