black sleeveless top hanging on wardrobe

This Dress Feels Just Like Pajamas

Summer is a time when constructive clothing can be a bit too restrictive.

black sleeveless top hanging on wardrobe

You’ll quickly understand why you need clothing that doesn’t touch your skin if you are also crowded around an apartment window AC unit. We’ve been gravitating towards babydoll silhouettes and T-shirt dresses lately that are, for the lack of a better description, as close to pajamas as we can find.

Characterized by an empire waist, babydoll dresses are cut in a super-oversized silhouette–hence the impending comfort. This silhouette is a favorite of many brands. It’s both innocent and slightly sassy at times. Be aware that a shorter hemline may negate the innocence of the large silhouette. However, if you require more coverage, you can opt for a longer version. You can indulge in the above mood by pairing it with socks and mary-janes, or with sneakers or moto boots to counteract it.

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