4 Must-Have Pieces for Casual Work-from-Home Fashion

The ever-changing world means that you might be able to enjoy some (or all) of casual fashion. Many people work from home now. It doesn’t matter if you spend all day in Zoom meetings, or just hopping from call-to-call, it is important to look your best and feel comfortable. Even if you are at home, it is important to look professional.

The casual professional outfit is the ideal combination of laid-back and dressed up that can be used for work from home. This outfit combines soft, stretchy fabrics and sharp tailoring with professional silhouettes. It’s easy to wear all day without feeling like you need to change into pajamas halfway through the day.

Are you ready to find the perfect casual business outfit for your home-based job? These are our top 4 picks for capsule pieces that will help you start building your perfect wardrobe. Have fun shopping!


The tailored blazer, a classic in professional fashion, is the best way to instantly add style and elegance to any outfit. Traditional blazers can look bulky and heavy, especially for women, but a tailored blazer can be tucked in the right places so it looks flattering and feminine to the woman who wears it.

This style is updated for the woman who works from home with a more comfortable and wearable fabric. You don’t need to wear a heavy or bulky blazer when you work from home. A knit is a lighter option that can be worn while you work.


The button-up shirt is a classic piece of professional workwear, much like the blazer. This piece, whether it is a simple white button-up or something more colorful, will instantly make you appear more professional, especially when paired alongside other timeless business essentials.

The button-up shirt is now more comfortable for the mom who works from home. It has a sleeker silhouette and mom-friendly fabrics that won’t wrinkle.


The high-waisted trousers is the best choice when it comes to choosing work-friendly pants. This style is a favorite among stylish professionals. It sits higher at the waist and allows for more comfort when sitting or standing.

The high-waisted trouser is the perfect choice for the new work-from-home aesthetic. It’s made from lighter, stretchier fabrics that feel more like your pajamas than traditional trousers. They’ll still look professional, but don’t be alarmed.


The days of worrying about what shoes to wear to work are long gone. No longer do we need to worry about what shoes will match our outfits or whether our heels will last the day. These days, comfort and style are paramount. Nothing can make you feel more professional when working remotely than a pair of comfortable and stylish menswear loafers.

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