woman in pink shirt holding lipstick

Lipstick is the ultimate conversation starter for Victoria Beckham

woman in pink shirt holding lipstick

If I had to guess, it’s likely that you haven’t worn your lipstick in months. It’s like finding the perfect lipstick. You may have given up trying to find a lipstick that doesn’t dry out your lips. Instead, you might reach for lighter lip products like tints or shades that are easy to apply and more flexible.

Don’t abandon all hope just yet. Soon Victoria Beckham Beauty will release four new shades for Posh Lipstick. Victoria Beckham spoke about her personal launch of Posh Lipstick. She says that lipstick has always been a part of her life. “Every shade tells a story. The new shades, Jump, Spark, Twist and Fire, were inspired by my memories and named after them. The entire collection is a celebration of my journey and every step. These high-impact colors are designed to make you feel confident and self-assured. A swipe of beautiful creamy lipstick can give you an instant boost in confidence. It’s a time to be alone. I am always wearing lipstick, no matter if I’m in the house, on Zoom calls, or out with a mask.”

These bold lippies also have lasting power, but unlike formulas of the past, that doesn’t mean that they’re also uncomfortable to wear. This latest release might just be the best lipstick you have ever tried.

Posh Lipstick in Fire

Red-orange lipstick packs a punch, without you needing to say a word. Simply swipe it on and let your lips do the talking. Beckham says that beauty is a great conversation starter. “I cannot tell you how many wonderful friendships were started by asking, ‘What lipstick do you wear?’

Posh Lipstick in Jump/Spark

It enhances your natural lip color in one swipe, while impairing the ability to build up a hue on your pout.

Posh Lipstick in Twist

The formula is what makes these lipsticks so wearable. It contains rose flower wax, which is packed with antioxidants to help retain moisture and prevent environmental aggressors like wreaking havoc. There’s also pomegranate and candelilla waxes, which work to smoothen and plump your lips. A blend of avocado, coconut and rosehip oils delivers a burst in moisture to your lips.

How It Wears

To ensure a smooth application of the lipstick, I first rub it all over. Next, I apply the lip balm and then plump up any lines. It’s important to allow the lip balm to dry for a while before moving on. Lipsticks that are too thick will not stay put. Finally, I finish by filling in my lips with lip balm. These lipsticks don’t require a liner, but I find that liners give me depth and dimension.

Whether you swipe it on before grabbing drinks with your friends or before hopping on a Zoom call, these new Posh Lipstick shades will have your lips looking full of color. It is a great choice for anyone looking to get back into the world of lipsticks thanks to its easy application, smooth texture, and smooth finish.

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