closeup photography of woman's face

How to Choose the Eyebrow Designs That Fit Your Face Type

closeup photography of woman's face

Who hasn’t been horrified by overplucked eyebrows? Recall the first time that you tried shaping your eyebrows. Perhaps you trimmed too much hair or made an exaggerated arch. No matter what your reason for eyebrow shaping, you still can feel like a princess! The right brow shape can highlight your facial features and soften lines.

Did you know that the shape of your eyebrows will depend on your face? Continue reading to learn how to choose the perfect eyebrow shape for you!

How to choose the best eyebrow shape for your face

There are many options for eyebrow shapes. There are many choices: You can have fuller eyebrows with a wider arch or a thinner one with a more defined arch. These are the three main things to remember when shaping your eyebrows.

  1. The inner corner should be aligned with the outer corner your nostril.
  2. Your eyebrow arch should follow the arch of each eye.
  3. Your eyebrows should be slightly higher than your eyes ends.

There are many different face shapes such as square, round, heart, oval, heart, and oblong. Some eyebrow shapes are better suited for certain faces, just as certain styles of bangs work well with certain shapes. Below, discover which eyebrow shapes flatter which faces shapes.

 Round Faces

Face shape: Round faces have wide cheekbones. This face shape has a more round profile and a soft jawline.

Brow shape: A round face can be defined by a sharp, angled eyebrow. If you have a larger face, make sure to get thick eyebrows. They will complement your inward forehead and outer cheekbones. You can opt for smaller eyebrows if you have a smaller head.

Oval-Shaped Face

Face shape: Oval faces have a longer face and are wider at the cheekbones. Oval faces are more egg-shaped than round faces because they aren’t as wide.

Brow Shape: An oval face can look good with any type of eyebrow shape. Oval faces are more balanced and symmetrical, so they work well with all eyebrow shapes.

Heart-Shaped Faces

Face shape: The forehead is wider than the jaw and the jaw is narrower.

Brow shape: A soft arched and thick brow looks great on heart-shaped faces. A wider forehead works well with the full thickness. The soft arch runs seamlessly from the forehead to your eyeline without appearing too dramatic.

Square Faces

Face shape: The width between the top of the forehead (the start of your jaw) is nearly the same. Although the chin may appear thinner, it is still larger and more angular in regular face shapes.

Brow Shape: A curved arched set that is a little higher suits square faces. The brows add a longer, more elongated look to the face. The softening effect of the brows is due to their curving arches. You should not set your eyebrows too low, as this can cause your eyes to look droopy.

 Diamond Faces

Face Shape: This face shape is similar to a diamond. It’s narrow at the top, and narrow at its bottom. Diamond faces are slightly wider at the forehead, cheeks and chin than those of diamonds.

Brow shape: Curved eyebrows make your forehead appear wider to balance your large cheekbones. To smoothen your face, pair them with angled arches.

Long/Oblong Faces

Face shape: An oblong face looks longer and more narrow.

Brow shape: To make an oblong face appear wider, either straight or soft arches are best. Straight brows should have a slight curve and soft ends. A soft brow will soften the appearance of any rough outlines on your face. Your forehead will appear wider if you have thicker eyebrows. This gives your face a more heart-shaped shape.

Let’s now talk about thin eyebrows. Let’s see how to increase the thickness of your brows so that you can play with shaping them.

How to Increase Eyebrow Thickness

  • Castor oil can be applied to your eyebrows to increase their thickness naturally.
  • To give thicker eyebrows, you can apply cream or pomade to them and style them using an angled brush.
  • To give your eyebrows a fuller look, back-comb them gently with a small toothbrush. To make your eyebrows look thicker, brush against their natural growth.
  • To make your eyebrows thicker, use your finger and some cream. Use your finger to move against the natural flow of your eyebrows, and then follow the desired shape.
  • The way you eat can have an impact on the growth of your eyebrow hairs. To grow thicker eyebrows, eat more healthy food.
  • Before you go to bed at night, massage your eyebrows with oil. This will increase blood flow and stimulate hair growth.

Now that you are familiar with the ideal brow shape for you and how to thicken your eyebrows, there are more tips to help you get the perfect brow shape. These tips are available below.

Tips to Maintain Perfect Eyebrows – The Do’s and Don’ts

  • You can take however long it takes to determine and finalize your eyebrow shape. Take the time to create your ideal eyebrow shape. This will be a great tool for when you’re in a hurry.
  • Each brow shape is suitable for a specific face shape. However, you don’t have to be afraid to experiment with other shapes. Sometimes the way you use your makeup and your hairstyle can make a difference in which shape your eyebrows look best. To avoid making any mistakes, you should not rush to create a new shape.
  • Do not over-pluck your eyebrows. Before your eyebrows become too thin or arched, you should know when to stop plucking them.
  • You can shape your eyebrows with the right tools and products. It will be easier to style your eyebrows with the right tools and products.
  • Threading is the best option when in doubt. It defines and enhances your natural brow shape.
  • To achieve the perfect shape of your eyebrows, use a stencil.
  • Move with the flow of your brow hairs when shaping them. If your eyebrows are thin and you want to plump them up, move your finger in the opposite direction.
  • Do not thin out your eyebrows or arch your tail-end too much. Do not allow your arch to become too pointed.
  • Your facial features will look more harsh if your eyebrows are sharper.
  • To make your eyebrows look neat, brush them.
  • You can remove eyebrow strands that are too prominent in the inner corners with a tweezer.
  • Use a cream and a brush to fill in any missing or sparse areas in your brows.
  • To brighten the eyebrows, use a concealer. Highlighters can draw too much attention to your eyebrows and cause a drastic difference in skin tone.
  • Use less product to start with and increase the amount as you go.
  • You should avoid any color around your eyebrows.
  • To focus on your arch, apply product to the middle of your eyebrows. Then spread it towards the inner and outer corners.
  • You might not find the right shade for your brows if you have a different brow tone. Mix and match products to find the perfect shade.
  • Draw your eyebrows with a pencil. Fill it in using a spoolie.

Your look can be improved by choosing the right eyebrow shape. If you have the right eyebrow shape, you can look flawless without makeup. To look great, take some time to determine which brow shape is best for you.

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