20 us dollar bill

Five Tips How to Save Money Now

20 us dollar bill

Many people are facing difficult financial times right now due to all the uncertainty. We want to share some tips and tricks on how you can save money and make some extra cash right now. These are the things we have been practicing for the past few weeks. We believe they can make a huge difference in your life.


This is the top tip for making extra money. It’s amazing how much you can make selling items you don’t use, especially clothes that you are not wearing. It’s also great to give something you just outgrew a brand new home in perfect condition. Facebook market is the favorite place to find larger home furnishings. For clothes and accessories, use Mercari & Vestiaire Collective.


This is something that we all fear doing, but it’s definitely worth it. This was something we did recently, and it really helped us to see the ridiculous ways we had been spending money. If you’re like us, and you use your card often enough, you could easily lose control and overspend. Take the time to look through all your financial records and note where it is going. This will help you be more aware, which will in turn reduce your spending.


Your subscriptions are the best place to detox. We all have been guilty of signing up for 30 day free trials only to forget to cancel them. When we did this, we were stunned at how much we were spending on apps and platforms we were not using. It’s easy to cancel these apps and takes only a few minutes. Do it now! You can search the name of the item to find out what it is.


We are back on the subject of subscriptions. We all have a few we love and use every day so you can share the cost with your friends. So, for example, pay for Amazon Prime while your friend for Netflix. We just share them both. This is a great way to save money while still enjoying your subscriptions guilt-free.


Last but not least, look at what you have. This is when you actually go through everything before buying new stuff. Your clothes, accessories, clothing, and home furnishings are all important. It is not uncommon to find items you didn’t know you had, which can make it difficult to buy things you don’t need. Up-styling pieces is also a good idea. Instead of buying new jeans shorts, you can cut an old pair of pants. If you’re willing to try, there are many ways that you can make something you already own work. There are many tutorials available on YouTube.

These tips will help you save money and we hope you find them useful.

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