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Five Things to Do Everyday to Make Lash Extensions Last a Longer Time

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After six months of detoxing, I was ready to get lash extensions for two weddings and New York Fashion Week. I had lash extensions done seven times before my last appointment. The process is tedious and takes a bit longer than two hours. Sometimes I even nap during appointments. The end result is worth it. My lashes look longer and fuller. I also don’t need to do my makeup anymore. They’re also dramatic so I don’t have to use any eye makeup. (Sold yet?) These are the five tricks I have learned over the years to keep my extensions looking great for two to three months.

1. You can sleep on your back

It might seem like a strange request, unless you are already sleeping on your back. However, it is crucial to immediately follow your application. The glue can take a while before it fully dries and you will get weird kinks. You can return to your regular sleeping position after a few nights.

2. Give your lashes some TLC

Remove any eye makeup, such as liner, and shadows. Instead of using cotton pads or puffs to cover your eyes, use a cleanser to gently clean the area. Not only will it eventually damage the extensions and cause them to be weaker, but the cotton fibers can also stick on the lashes. Use Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes.

3. Make sure to lubricate them

Although you might think it’s smart to keep your lash extensions dry, they last longer if they are properly oiled. This helps them stay flexible. You can apply a little baby oil to your lashes with your fingers. Courtney Akai Lash Boutique in New York City, recommended it to me.

4. Combine them

A spoolie wand is a good choice to prevent crisscrossing and wonky lashes. To keep your lashes defined, close one eye and place the spoolie over your lashes.

5. Refrain from playing with them

Extensions can help your eyelashes grow out naturally. You can lose your natural lashes if you play with extensions or twist it. Allow them to come out naturally, and then use a spoolie or a brush to get them back in place.

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