Five Summer Outfits You Can Copy

It is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life. Trust me, it’s normal. The Beginner Kit Wardrobe guide will help you cut down on the time it takes to feel put-together. It will help you plan, shop, build, and assemble a versatile, easy-to-use starter wardrobe. The guide includes a customizable shopping list and style tips. You can feel confident in your clothes, regardless of whether you are “style-challenged” and/or just looking to update your wardrobe.

1. Neutral Tank + Black Shorts

This combination can be worn with any neutral-colored tank to create an easy outfit. Outfits that are purely basic can sometimes seem too simple. Although I love a basic outfit, I like it when there are subtle details that add interest to the outfit.

My shorts look great with this outfit. They are slightly faded and have more length. They are extremely affordable, especially when Kohl’s has many sales. They are soft and have a lot of stretch. These shorts are a little thin and the waistband doesn’t stretch very much, but they can still be great bargains when they go on sale.

The linen blend tee is my favorite for summer. Brown is trendy (it’s the new Black, friends), but I love how the linen texture gives it a casual vibe. It drapes well, and keeps you cool.

Last but not least, the Crocs sandals I have previously mentioned. These sandals are extremely comfortable with a soft, rubber footbed. They can be worn around water because they are rubber. They are also very affordable at less than $40.

2. Olive Shorts/ Lightweight Pants + Top with Visual Interest

Although the outfit in the guide features a top with more button details, I chose a casual version with black graphic print tee. It’s easy to modify the outfit prompt.

Olive shorts (and olive pants) are a staple of my summer wardrobe. This summer, I have switched to the super comfortable lightweight TENCEL trousers that I’ve already mentioned several times. They are amazing! They’re so soft, light, and breathable. And they’re super comfortable! Although I don’t usually like pleating, this one is quite mild and it fits me well. Comfort is the best!

3. Colored printed tank + denim shorts

This equation can be used to create any color printed top or tank and you could make a great outfit. This is my casual, but very comfortable version.

My shorts are another great find! These shorts are very comfortable and affordable during Kohl’s sale. They are very soft and stretchy, making them a great bargain when they go on sale.

4. Neutral Top with Details + White Shorts

Instead of wearing a black button tank like the prompt, I chose an olive green one. You could also wear Outfit #2’s black tee! You have the freedom to select styles and colors that best suit your taste. You don’t have to use the same pieces as in the guide.

Summer style is all about making outfits more interesting and not adding more layers. You should be more inclined to wear pieces that have special details. Although this top is not a perfect example, it’s a good example. This tank has thicker straps and a square neckline. It also features button details that give it more personality than a regular tank.

5. Skirt + White top

A skirt and a white top is one of my favorite combinations! This combination works best when the skirt has some white in it or is a solid color.

This skirt was mentioned before, but it’s worth repeating. This skirt was in red spotted print last summer, and many people fell in love. This was my most favorite purchase of 2021 so I returned it in tan/white! It’s elasticized at the waist, and lightweight and breezy.

The TLDR is silky and comfortable, but each print has a slightly different texture. The red/white is the most silky. While the tan/white can be lined, it is not necessary to do so. It shrinks in washing and can be restored by steaming from the top to the bottom. It sounds annoying, but I steam it anyway after washing it. This helps to remove wrinkles.

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