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Five Suitcase Packing Tips to Make Traveling Easier

black DSLR camera near sunglasses and bag

It can be difficult to pack your suitcase. The small space means you can only bring a limited number of items on your trips. Although you won’t be able to fit everything in your suitcase, there are some clever packing tricks that can help you make more space.

Travel experts share their top tips for how to keep your bag organized and save space on your trip, including rolling up your clothes or using plastic bags.

Place heavy items on the wheels of your luggage

Becca Siegel, Dan Gold and @halfhalftravel, travel writers, say, “We like to imagine our suitcases standing up. Then we load our heaviest, most dense items towards the end of our suitcase with wheels.” This will help you manage your weight and protect your items from being crushed or folded.

Before you pack your clothes, roll it up

Kinga Philipps, a TV journalist and travel expert, says “Roll, Roll, Roll Everything.” This is hands down the best (and simplest!) way to pack. This is the perfect way to deai with your stuff for maximum space efficiency.

Pack cubes!

Siegel and Gold say that even though suitcases have mesh pockets or dividers, they prefer to pack similar items in packing cubes. They suggest that you use packing cubes to organize items such as socks, undergarments and pajamas. These cubes are more durable than plastic bags for organizing clothes.

Your suitcase should contain floppy hats

Saracino suggests that you pack your big, floppy hat in your suitcase rather than carrying it around with you on the day of your departure. Darby Simek, founder of Outfits For Travel, suggests rolling up clothes and packing them inside the loose-fitting hat. Next, flip your hat upside-down and pack additional clothing underneath and over the brim.

Use reusable ziplock bags

Phillips says that all of her socks and toiletries are stored in large ziplock bags. She explains that ziplock bags are a great way of storing smaller items. However, another benefit is the ability to store everything from receipts to souvenirs. Adria Saracino, travel writer behind The Emerald Palate says, “You never know when they’ll be needed for a wet swimsuit or dirty shoes.”

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