Five Secret Tips How to Text a Guy You Like

Texting is an integral part of everyday life. People rarely use the phone calls, especially when they are just starting a relationship. It’s easy to make texting errors in the heat of the moment and a lot can get lost when you’re writing out things vs talking in real life. Mat Boggs, Project Everlasting author, has some great tips for texting a man to share his experience with us.

“My name is Mat Boggs and I am the author of Project Everlasting. I also coach couples and dating. My appearances on CNN, Headline News and the Today Show have been a highlight. We recently made a video about how to send and receive text messages. As you all know, texting can be frustrating and confusing. It can also cause anxiety. So we made a video about the secrets of texting, which got tons of views. It was a great help to me in my love life.”

Here are the 5 secrets to texting a man you like

  • Secret #1: Don’t use the “vomit” text

It all comes down to knowing the right time to send text messages. What kind of text messages to send men? The vomit text is not where you send your entire day or an entire conversation in one text. Many times, women will do it. Look at it, if a man has to scroll you are saying way too many things.

“Texting is primarily for guys because it allows them to playfulness and plan. Let me explain… Is it playful? Does it add banter to his day? Or are they planning logistics? Which place are we meeting? When will we meet?”

That’s it. He doesn’t have to scroll through pages to read long conversations. This will turn people off. Bingo is a game of planning and playfulness.

  • Secret #2: Avoid the machine gun texts

You are familiar with the text in which you ask one after another and don’t give him enough time to reply?

If you are yelling at a guy via a lot of text messages and he hasn’t replied yet, be patient. Give him time to reply. You should text him back in a game of ping-pong. Your conversation with him should be interactive. You machine gun text him and he doesn’t have the time to reply, which can make it overwhelming and turn him off. Phew. It’s all right.

  • Secret #3: Don’t text fight

Although text fighting is not something you would intentionally do, it is an extremely common occurrence in relationships. Couples may fight over a text message. You can’t reach reconciliation by text message if you want to end the fight. Talking on the phone is the best way to reconcile. However, if you fight over text, it can cause both of your to not want to talk to one another, especially the man. It can look like…

“It’s unbelievable that you didn’t call last night. You are so insensitive. You only think about yourself. Most likely, you are out with your friends once again. Be a man, keep your promises. It’s unbelievable that I have to put up with you. CALL ME NOW!”

You see, a text such as this is almost like someone holding up a bear trap and saying “Hey, come here! Yeah, you. Come here.”

“Put your face in there.” “I’m not calling you right now. If you are angry with him and want to talk to them, you should not send him a text message threatening or threatening him. Tell him to call you right now.”

Say, “Hello, I would love to have a chat with you.” “Call me when you are available.” When he receives that text, he is aware that something is wrong. But at least he is aware that there is an opportunity to have a conversation and solve the problem.

  • Secret #4: Value his life

Also, don’t be a vamp. Vamps are people who drain your energy. You should not respond to his text saying “Hey, how’re you doing?” He shouldn’t say “I’m so bored.”

People who do this are not looking to be entertained, but to add value to their lives. It’s like, hey, let’s plug into your life and sucking the life out of you. They are a drain on your life and they can be a pain to be around. You want to add value to his world. You bring light, love, and laughter into his life. Send him a text asking “What are your thoughts?” and a funny picture saying “I am feeling kind of like this.” You can send him a humorous gif to cheer him up and root him on. This adds value to your life.

  • Secret #5: Don’t do anything “just” that isn’t worthy

What does this actually mean? This means that you should avoid beginning sentences with the words “just.” I’m not going to lie, this can be a bit nuanced and picky. It will help you communicate better because if you begin a sentence with “just”, it gives off an apologetic tone. This low-value sentence reeks of unworthiness energy. Just checking in to check how you are doing. I was wondering if your text got through last night. I hoped we could meet soon. Maybe. Possibly. Hopefully.

It is just that it screams “unworthiness.” You can transform unworthiness into confidence and certainty. Infuse your text with certainty. Ask him confident questions such as “Would you like to have fun?” or offer a suggestion: “Hey, we’re going on a trip to the beach with our friends.” These are excellent confident messages that you can send to him.

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