Five Reasons to Dream Bigger and How To Get There

Blame it all on the number of books we read and the games that we played, but we insist you to be a daydreamer. Because we believe in dreaming big, and that includes a blind optimism and disregard of reality. Why? Simply because it’s worked for us, and it has allowed us to create a life that was beyond our wildest expectations.

Are you wondering if it is time to set higher goals and stop playing safe? These are five reasons to expand your possibilities. Plus, we’ll show you how to turn those dreams into reality.

5 reasons to dream bigger

Reason 1: Everything is within your reach of possibility

Although it might sound cliché, there are very few dreams that are impossible. Although we recognize that some people have the advantage of having privilege, all that is available in this world is yours to enjoy. ….and sometimes time are the only things that stand in your way. It’s true that some goals will take longer to reach than others due to the distance between where you are now and where you want it to be.

If you have a dream to travel to outer space, but you don’t know much about astronomy, you won’t be able to do it tomorrow. If someone has done it before, it is possible for you (especially if Elon Musk’s Space Tourism Project takes off soon!)

Reason 2: Dreaming is contagious

People around us will notice when we dream big. While some might tell you that it is impossible, they are just projecting their insecurity onto you. It’s possible that there will be many others who admire your courage and feel inspired by it.

Reason 3: Dreaming has never caused any harm

It would be difficult to imagine any negatives to dreaming larger. There is nothing worse than what could happen. You might be judged by someone. As we know, it says a lot about them and their narrow view of the world. Maybe you will be disappointed with yourself for not reaching your goal. You might be able to accept that with a simple mindset shift. You don’t have to achieve it yet. Instead of wondering “What happens if my attempt fails?” ask yourself “What happens if it succeeds?” 99.9% times, the rewards outweigh any perceived risk.

Reason 4: Dreaming helps you to take more action

Grant Cardone, a speaker and entrepreneur, has written the book ‘The 10 X Rule.’ This idea of achieving impossible goals is the core of his book. The rule of Grant Cardone is simple. If you set yourself targets that are 10 times larger than your actual achievements, it forces you take 10x more action than you would otherwise. Grant says that this is the minimum level of action required to achieve extraordinary things. It’s funny, though, that when we set smaller goals we become paralysed by fear and worry about failure. We know they are within reach and it’s our fault if it doesn’t happen. However, when we set goals that are beyond our reach, we’re more inclined to say “hey, I might as well give it another shot — what can I lose?”

Reason 5: Even if you fail, you still win

Leslie Calvin Brown’s quote “Shoot For the Moon” is great. It says, “Shoot to the moon, even if it’s not possible, you’ll land among the stars.” This is a powerful statement that we love. You’ve taken 10 times the action you would normally, which is always going to make you more successful. It is also important to consider the person you have become while working towards that goal. You might be stronger, more confident, and more resilient. This transformation is more powerful than the goal.

How to achieve your bigger dreams

Now we know that there is no reason to stop dreaming bigger. There are no limits to what you can do. How can you make this seem manageable so you can actually take action? A dream without a plan is just a wish. This step-by-step guide will help you break down your big dreams so that they can become a reality.

1. You can find someone who has accomplished this dream, it could be someone you know or someone you follow on Instagram. You may also need to search Google for someone you are not sure of.

2. Look backwards to see the steps they took in achieving their dream. IMDB, Wikipedia and their Instagram account are great resources for tracking down these timelines. If they are available, you might consider reaching out to them about mentoring.

3. You can use their timeline to create your own plan for achieving your dreams. This makes it seem much easier and more manageable.

4. To get an idea of the person they are, watch their interviews or listen to them podcasts. Do they display confidence or calmness?

Find ways to live these qualities every day to help you achieve your goals. This is the key to making them a reality.

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