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Five Psychopaths from Movies We All Like

person with green hair color

Who wouldn’t be crazy if there were robots, spaceships and clones? We have five fully human characters from the small screen and the large screen who have been traumatized, but we still love to see them!

Gai Baltar – Battlestar Galactica

Gaius (or Gai), is one of the most unpleasant characters in Battlestar Galactica. Because of his inability to see Number 6, his smaller head causes the destruction of civilizations and the deaths of billions. Although it is hard to resist this hot alien chick, we can’t help but…

This is not his only negative act. His psychosis has yet to fully manifest after he joined the fleet of last survivors. Gai will never be the same, no matter what, whether it’s a crazy action inspired by one his visions that causes the ship to sink or becomes a collaborator with the cylons who have taken over New Caprica.

We won’t even go into the time when he began to see himself as a religious leader. But then again, he is the perfect example of the saying “The most crazy are the most persuasive”. Boltar is a psychotic who made Battlestar Galactica a reality.

Joffrey Baratheon – Game of Thrones

Second place goes to the most annoying of psyho’s, the twisted King Joffrey from Game of Thrones. We don’t love him, but we do not love him. Joffrey, even though he isn’t yet an adult, manages to kill, torture, or kill by torturing more people than any of the Westeros’ most skilled headhunters.

This nasty bugger, out of pure hatred, allowed Ned Stark to be executed. It started one of most bloody conflicts in the history the Seven Kingdoms. Even if we forgive him for his terrible mistake and put it down to lack of foresight we cannot forget or forgive his attitude towards Sansa, his companion girls, or his awful attitude during his wedding. No one felt sorry for this psychopath and perhaps that is why no one saw any regret when he died. He is definitely the psychopath that we hate.

Alex DeLarge – A Clockwork Orange

Alex, from A Clockwork Orange (both movie and book), is one of the most well-known psychopaths in fiction. It is difficult to determine if he is guilty of what he does or what he has done. In a world in which crime and murder are commonplaces, feeling sorry for oneself is a concept that has been lost to time. A person can’t help but become a little crazy in such a dark future to continue living. Alex is quite insane.

Perhaps that is why he becomes a guinea pig as part of an experiment to eradicate the will to do harm. His brain processing only makes his mental problems worse. Despite this, we cannot help but feel for him. At times we may even be able to see parts of ourselves in him. He’s a psychotic character, but he’s still the one who gave A Clockwork Orange its place in the greats.

The Joker – The Dark Knight

The Joker is a shining star among psychos, and it’s not hard to see why. He loves having fun. He only wants to spread death and destruction in Gotham, without ever feeling sorry for his actions. It’s all a joke to him. His motto is “What doesn’t kill you makes it weirder”.

The really bizarre thing is, in fact, how such a cold-blooded and murderous sociopath can be the favorite of the audience. Due to Heath Ledger’s amazing performance, the Joker’s character in this particular iteration is second in our ranking. His last appearance was also his kick.

Helena – Orphan Black

 Helena from Orphan Black, without a doubt, is our favorite psychopath ever. Helena, one of the clones created in a mysterious experiment that resulted in the creation of at most 10 people with the same DNA, is absolutely crazy and unpredictable.

Her brain was conditioned by religious fanatics and Ukrainian nuns who raised her. She now believes she is the original and has been chosen by God for her clones to be killed. She also finds death entertaining – she is seen in a cult scene with her character dancing with the tails of one of her victims.

Further, her character is endowed with an eerie angelic aspect – she cuts off her back with a razor and makes what appears to be a pair angel wings. She is really confused and needs love. While this may take some of the fun out of her psycho-persona, it doesn’t mean she is less loved by her fans.

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