women's pink skirt and gray knee boots outfit

Five Horrible Fashion Mistakes We All Do Sometimes

women's pink skirt and gray knee boots outfit

Many bloggers recently wrote about their biggest mistakes in blogging and career, so we thought it would be a good idea for us to share some of the fashion failures. Even though we don’t believe in fashion faux pas, there must be a limit. This is not about what outfits you could put together, but how much fun it can be to be all over the place.

It still makes us cringe to think about the outfits and trends that we wore in the past. It was like, “What the heck were we thinking?” It was all part and parcel of the experience.

Why? Because not all trends will suit you. You shouldn’t conform to a mold that everyone else follows. Everyone nowadays dresses the same. You would see the Zara item everywhere if it sold out. The chance of seeing someone in the same outfit you are wearing is 70%.

It’s quite different in New York. While you might see many women sporting the same style, everyone does it their way. It’s amazing to see the evolution of the style since you arrived here. NYC offers a wide range of styles, which allows you to make your own. It has an unmistakable vibe.

Let’s now get to the bottom of the fashion faux pas from the past few decades.

#1 Don’t wear properly-fitted clothes

Fast fashion shops have a standard size range so garments will either fit or not. We cannot count how many times we have bought garments because we loved them, despite their poor fit. Or, you can use the old excuse that we will lose weight so the 34 will be perfect.

It doesn’t matter how much it is loved, it will fit perfectly.

#2 Compulsive buyers

This is so embarrassing! It is our first years at college that we experience worst time. Sometimes we are depressed, and food and shopping are our best friends, because we leave home/ boyfriend, and move to a new school. We are not able to fit in at a new school and meet new people. So we buy so many things and make so many mistakes.

What you need is to take the time to really think about the clothes before you buy them. If you truly want them, sell or donate what you don’t need anymore. The rule of thumb: If you don’t wear it within six months to one year, it has to go.

#3 Copying another person’s style

Sometimes, we can feel guilty. It’s okay to admire the style of someone else and attempt to duplicate it. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it suits your style. The friends are always influential in life. Sometimes they are style inspiration.

It is not easy to find your own style. It takes effort and time. It is important to choose key pieces that make you feel both beautiful and comfortable. It doesn’t matter if you have to try and fail.

#4 Combining too many styles at once

Although some trends are compatible, don’t mix too many.

#5 Don’t have a go to outfit

We didn’t have an outfit we could just throw on when we felt bored. This was a big mistake. It is important to have an outfit combination that you like and can use all the time. We do this because we know what we will wear that night. This helps to be prepared so that you don’t feel overwhelmed when you get up in the morning.

A 3-4 piece outfit in your closet is a great idea. Let’s suppose you have a pair tailored pants, a white T-shirt, a bomber and a pair slippers. Now you have the time to enjoy breakfast, a book or QT with your partner. You have a ready-to go formula that will kick your s**t all the time.

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