woman in white v neck shirt wearing gold necklace

Five Jewelry Trends That Came Back

woman in white v neck shirt wearing gold necklace

Jewelry is more often the foundation of our outfit than the last layer. We can wear a necklace, earrings and rings because we talk with our hands! We were also able to retain some creativity even though our clothes were pretty boring by using so many video calls. There are so many jewelry companies that have reinvented old designs or created new ones, and we are here to share the five most popular jewelry trends right now.

Tennis Jewelry

Growing up, we loved the gold tennis bracelet our mom gave us. Tennis fashion is gaining popularity. Why not add a tennis necklace or bracelet to the mix? Flan, a Korean brand, has a tennis necklace and bracelet that I can attest to the versatility of these jewels. These timeless pieces will last a lifetime.

Mixed Metals

It doesn’t matter that you wear what you like, but we are so happy that mixed metals are being accepted by the world. It was once said that you can wear silver or yellow tones in jewelry. But, never both. This rule is no longer applicable in 2021, as many brands are exploring mixed metals. Machete’s chunky, interchangeable link necklace in gold and silver is one of our favorites. Two-tone watches, such as this Talley & Watch, are also a favorite of us. Twine. These pieces can be worn with other jewelry as well.

Charm Necklaces for Campy

Because each brand’s item is unique, we have a lot of these necklaces. You can see the artistry in each piece. Because you know that each necklace is exotic and handcrafted, we love these ones. These necklaces always bring back memories of Ian Charms, an LA-based, female-owned handmade jewelry company, and Don’t Let Disco (a female-owned hobby-turned-brand jewel company with the most unusual beads) Cupcakes or rubber ducks! Both of their unique necklaces sell quickly. These necklaces can make any outfit complete. We love wearing them with the most basic of looks. However, we do sometimes match our clothes with the beads to make it look more interesting.

Multiple Chunky Rings

We already featured our top favorite chunky ring brands. The trend is continuing and maybe even increasing. Brands post photos of their customers wearing multiple rings on different fingers. We’ve been seeing this look everywhere, and even trying it ourselves. Because these handmade glass rings look great stacked, we sometimes wear two Keane rings. La Manso sells two rings at once, and Blobb posts hands with five or more fingers because more rings are better.

Personalized Jewelry

Although this is not a new trend we are seeing more people wear personalized jewels. This could be because astrology is driving our hopes and dreams. However, there are many nameplate and initial jewelry pieces that exceed the market. For example,  Stella & Haas creates a beautiful Old English font necklace that illustrates the other era. Ariel Gordon’s bubble initial and Adinas Jewels’ colorful initial pinky rings are both favorites of mine.

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