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Five Fashion YouTubers for Your Inspiration

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The internet is full of places where you can find inspiration for your style, starting from Instagram to TikTok and Pinterest and looking just in Google. While we enjoy an IG ‘fit picture as much as anyone, YouTube is our favourite online fashion platform. YouTube is the place where the fashion world goes behind the scenes. YouTube allows viewers to not only see the final look but also the thought process and hard work that went into creating it. Some of our favorite ‘fits have been created by brands that we discovered while watching YouTubers. YouTube is not the first place you think of when searching the internet for the latest fashion trends. However, these five fashion vloggers will make YouTube the go-to platform for fashion news.

  • Chloe Felopulus

Chloe Felopulus, a college student who lives the New York City dream, is a constant source of fashion inspiration. Feloulus has only 20 videos on her YouTube channel. Every single video she has uploaded is worth the effort. Her style is funky and unique. Chloe introduced us bloomers, waistcoats and excessively colorful jewelry. Her 21 Outfits for 2021 is amazing. It offers many (or more precisely 21) different looks for the unique year we live in.

Feloulus also does an incredible job of giving credit to each designer she wears and every shop she shops at. She introduced us to many amazing Depop and Instagram accounts.

Be warned, though: her channel will make you want to buy expensive (but amazing) clothes.

  • Laini Ozark

Laini Ozark, a diligent content creator and a must-watch YouTuber in fashion, is an excellent choice. Ozark’s videos are our favorite because she takes the time not only to show the latest fashion trends, but also to explain why and how it might impact the fashion industry.

Ozark’s try-on hauls are amazing and have inspired us to go to Poshmark or eBay to find her famous finds. She also does a fantastic job advocating for sustainable clothing. Ozark’s channel also features fun DIY projects that inspired us to use Modge Podge Photo Transfer Medium. It is worth checking out her channel.

  • Ariel Mckenna

Ariel Mckenna is the queen of unboxing videos. McKenna’s channel has something for everyone, from Japanese eBay hauls to Unif to Depop. Ariel introduced me to many different garments of clothing. She also gives great advice about how to build your own wardrobe and how to shop thrift online. McKenna does an excellent job of separating social media and real life, giving her followers a glimpse into her daily life.

  • Devon Lee Carlson

How can we make a list with fashion YouTubers without Miss Devon Lee Carlson? Carlson, a fashion icon, co-founded Wildflower Cases and designs them with Sydney Carlson, her sister and parents. Each time we see one of her videos (fashion-related or not), we are inspired. Her style is effortless cool, and her fashion-setting outfits are always amazing.

After seeing her “21 Outfits 2021,” we started our long search for the perfect kitten heel. We are proud to say that we now own one pair pink kitten heels and one pair black with an adorable bow. Carlson is a great source of fashion inspiration. Her videos are also entertaining and infectious. Devon is a great person to follow if you don’t know her. You won’t be disappointed.

  • Internet Girl

Internet Girl (or Isabella McFadden) is a Depop legend. Internet Girl, also known as Isabella McFadden, sells clothing that caters to all tastes. The thrift-queen gives behind-the scenes glimpses of her online shop on YouTube. The videos she makes with her iGirl Bundles (Depop bundles) are our favorite.

She sends customers their style and she will send them back up to three outfits. These videos inspire us to be more creative with style and add new pieces to the wardrobe. Internet Girl’s videos feel very authentic. They are chaotic and energetic. This channel will leave you with endless outfit ideas and a strong sense her infectious personality.

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