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Five Skincare Products Revealed by Busy Moms

long black haired woman smiling close-up photography

Most of us can confirm that mothers handle a lot. Fathers don’t have to do as much. But we can relate to feeling pulled in many directions and wanting to be there to help everyone.

When everyone is asleep, mothers love to tip-toe to the bathroom while listening to 90s R&B. The schedule is not always easy so we keep it simple. We enjoy my skincare time, which is only a small portion of our self-care routine.

We are curious about what skincare products moms swear by. So, we reached out to busy moms who are talented and experienced. The most fascinating thing about skincare was how it fits into each woman’s self-care routine. Every mom we spoke with was busy but proud of their skin and taking time for themselves. Here are their comments:

Jenny Hong, Realtor, Mother of two

“I am a mom of two young children and a part-time worker. My skincare and makeup routine must be simple due to everyone’s hectic mornings. I am now in my 30’s and understand the importance skin protection and hydration. This is a complete change from my 20’s when I was just laying in the sun without any sun protection. It was definitely worth it for my skin.”

“I spend a few minutes each morning and evening, while my kids are asleep, to reverse my sun-damaged dark spots. My morning and evening skincare routine includes cleansing, toner and hydration serum. I also use moisturizer with vitamin C, SPF in mornings.”

“I like to keep my makeup natural and use Revision Skincare Intellishade Original Anti Aging Tinted Moisture with Sun Protection 45. It is the last step in my morning routine before I leave the house. It blends well and gives light coverage. Tinted moisturizers with sunscreen are also a favorite of mine. They allow you to not have to use foundation while still providing some coverage.”

  • Revision Skincare Intellishade Original Tinted Moisture Anti-Aging with SPF 45 $76
Jenna Benn Shersher is the founder and CEO of Twist out Cancer. Shersher is also a mother of two.

“As someone who used only eye makeup remover and a cleanser for many years, I’ve come to understand the importance of a good skincare routine. My second daughter was born during COVID. Due to my pregnancy and past cancer history, I was considered high-risk. My husband and I spent much of our time in bed. Our “date nights” became more like “spa night,” and often involved ordering in. Linnea’s Lights Candles were used to surround me, and I followed that up with Que Bella Ultra Hydrdrating Birch Leaf Face Masks. It is amazing how revitalized you feel after a spa treatment at home.”

“For my birthday, my husband purchased me a Trish McEvoy skincare kit, which I have now incorporated into my daily routine. Time is precious as a mother of two little girls aged six and seven months. My skincare routine must be quick and efficient, as I have to get ready for work every morning and feed the children every day. I love Bioderma Sensibio Micellar Water Makeup Remover, Mario Badescu Skincare Gellycolic Foaming Cleanser and Trish McEvoy Eye Booster Advanced Repair Retinol Serum. The best is Trish McEvoy Even Vitamin C Cream. The Vitamin C Cream is my favorite.”

  • Trish McEvoy Even Skin Vitamin C Cream $77
Kimberly Lehman is a Pharmacist and Mother of Two

“As a busy mother of twin boys aged two, as well as two dogs, working professional, and wife, I have a high-energy, active home. My entire life has been affected by eczema. I have had to deal with the facial one. It is important to stay hydrated throughout the day, and to have a good night’s sleep. FitGlow Beauty Cloud Collagen Oil is a light oil that I use as a moisturizer or alone.”

“Trader Joe’s Hyaluronic MoistureBoost Serum is one my favorite bargains. It can be added to moisturizer or applied directly to freshly cleansed skin. It doesn’t need to be towel dried before you apply it. Apply directly after you have washed your face. This will give you the best hydrating results. This tip is from Lynn Gallagher, a Parlour Beauty esthetician in Philadelphia.”

“Tatcha Indigo Overnight repair serum is a silky smooth, hydrating cream serum. It targets the microbiome of your skin and boosts and repairs it at its source. It soothes skin and gives visible results of hydration. It has been a long-time customer of Dime Beauty Dewy Day Cream and Restorative Night Cream. Fields Soothe Regimen. They are all my favorites. They are my daily skin care routine’s foundation. I may add new oils, eye creams, or serums to my skin depending on its current condition, but my moisturizers remain the same. To keep my lips soft and moisturized all day, I use the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask every night.”

  • Tatcha Indigo Overnight Repair Serum in Cream Treatment $88
Janine Dupree Robinson, Head of Client Engagement and Events, Mother of Two

“Currently, my top-of-the-line skincare products are Colleen Rothschild and Laneige. Moisture is very important to me. My face is always dry and it hurts. But I am also very busy so I keep things simple. Recently, I was searching for new skincare products and Colleen Rothschild kept showing up on my Instagram. I decided to give it a try. It’s easy to see why the trial pack is so popular.”

“Colleen Rothschild’s cleansing balm is a great choice. It doesn’t feel heavy on my skin and leaves it feeling clean. It’s easy to apply the cleansing balm without having to wash my whole face. This makes it easier to get in bed faster. The Extreme Recovery Cream is not sticky or heavy on my skin. I typically follow up with a small amount of the Face Oil No. 9 especially as the weather gets colder.”

“If I don’t have time to use it, the Colleen Rothschild Dual Enzyme Polish and Clarifying Detox Mask are my go-to products. My Chapstick and Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask are my favorite moisturizing products.”

  • Colleen Rothschild Dual Enzyme Polish $42
Smriti Baxi, founder of Jhula Launching in Early 2022, Mother to Two

“Skincare is often the last thing on my mind in a world that revolves around changing diapers, packing lunches and barely getting a shower in every day. Mothers are well aware that even though we do our best to practice self-care, we often fall behind. Honestly, I have accepted this during this time in my life with two young children (age three and five months).”

“Although I still try to incorporate skincare into my daily life, I limit it to a Cetaphil face wash and a Clinique moisturizer. Supergoop Glowscreen SPF is all that I use. These three products combined leave my skin feeling hydrated and protected for any outdoor adventures. Glowscreen gives you a subtle shimmer to give your skin a natural, dewy appearance without the need for makeup. It’s light and can be used on all skin types. It does not leave a white sheen on skin with brown tones like many sunscreens.”

  • Supergooop! Glowscreen Sunscreen $36
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