black and silver chronograph watch

Some Fun And Affordable Watches That Are Better Than Kid Cudi’s G-Shock

black and silver chronograph watch

It can be difficult to believe that timepieces are possible when you look at the watches worn by celebrities every week. You don’t need to be on the Forbes list to collect watches. Kid Cudi was spotted at the Lakers game wearing a charming and easily accessible G-Shock. Cudi’s watch was part of a larger collaboration with A Bathing Ape that was released earlier in the year. But, he’s not the only celeb to know that you can have a great night with a watch that costs less than four dollars.

John Mayer has released his version with Hodinkee over the past twelve months. NASA also created an all-white version, and Bamford, who typically works with luxury brands such as Chopard or Tag Heuer, also produced its own G-Shock. Cudi was not an exception at the Lakers game. Jack Nicholson, who was sitting next to Cudi Tuesday night, wore a Timex Easy Reader.

We’re also trying something new this week: Because there’s nothing more fun than looking at watches, you can collect them yourself. This is why we’ll be offering watches at both splurge-level prices and reasonable price points. You’ll be able to be ready for courtside, paparazzi, and red carpet.

Kid Cudi’s Casio G-Shock and BAPE x Kid Cudi

Bape and G-Shock have been long-standing partners. In fact, almost every collaboration the brand has with an artist or designer sees one of these watches included. Cudi was a former employee of a Bape store in New York before embarking on a successful musical career. This watch is fun and colorful: a pink bezel with yellow accents and a multi-colored red and blue band.

  • Casio G-Shock x BAPE x Kid Cudi $470 StockX
  • Baby G BG169R-4 $79 Amazon

The indulgence: You don’t need to spend a lot of money here. Although the watch was quickly sold out by official retailers, it is still available for purchase on StockX for less $500 – a pretty affordable price compared to celebrity wristwear.

The more affordable option: If $470 seems too much for you, the G-Shock Baby G is a similar mainline G-Shock Baby G. $80 will get a watch with enough chunkiness and color to match Cudder’s. Although Baby-G is technically a line for women, the 42.6 millimeter watch case is quite substantial.

James Corden’s Patek Philippe Aquanaut

The Nautilus, Patek Philippe’s sporty model, has enjoyed the spotlight for a long time, but the Aquanaut is not content to be the neglected little brother. The Aquanaut is now the choice of Hollywood’s elite. In the past month, Ringo Starr and Kumail Nanjiani wore the watch, as well as Corden. It’s not surprising that the watch has attracted so much attention. Patek will discontinue the Nautilus, the most beloved version of the watch, while promoting the Aquanaut with new models.

  • Piaget Polo Date $13,500 Piaget
  • Seiko SRPE93 Prospex $350 Amazon

The luxury: You can’t go wrong with the Aquanaut for its $21,650 list price. This Piaget Polo Date will take away the hassle of secondary market prices and waiting lists. Piaget is well-known for its ultra-slim luxury watches. However, this Polo has the Aquanaut’s curves.

The best choice: The Seiko 5 sports watch, the “Seikonaut”, is the best option for Aquanaut alternatives. The Seikonaut is not easy to find, just like the real thing. Corden’s watch is a good example of a sports watch with rubber straps and a cushion-like shape. You could not do better than this Seiko Prospex until Carpool Karaoke money comes in.

Rege-Jean Page’s Longines Flagship Heritage

Although it may look brand new, Page’s Longines is a classic watch that has been handed down through generations. This is not an accident. The watch’s design was inspired by models from 1957. This watch, which is both new and classic, fits Page well. Page is a young man with the kind of gravitas that will allow him to wear vintage-styled dressy pieces in 2021.

  • Longines Flagship Heritage $1,675
  • Todd Snyder Timex Marlin Automatic $249

The most affordable option: Although the Longines was inspired from the late ’50s and the Timex Marlin is based on a ’60s-era timepiece, it’s still very affordable. Both watches share the same dial design from that era, as well as a useful date function.

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