woman using dumbbells

Fat-Loss Transformations don’t have to be horrible

woman using dumbbells

You may feel discouraged if you are looking to make significant changes in your appearance and feelings. Some people can make this journey as difficult as they can to achieve your goals. But the best approach to success is one that makes your life easy and painless. These tips are from New Body Plan experts to increase your chances of success. You can do it, guys.

1. Do not dive in

You don’t want to leave your gym membership just laying down on the shelf. And you want to make your first week of training challenging, but also enjoyable. You want to feel motivated and excited to return next week. Get rid of all the crap and get back to the groove. A progressive plan will make it harder as you get stronger.

2. Keep Your Diet Simple

We don’t blame anyone if you are unsure about what to eat. There is so much conflicting and poor information. Let’s simplify it. Eat a wide variety of fresh foods. Because you will get the right amount of micronutrients as well as macronutrients, different food is important. This is not all you need to know about healthy food, but it is a reminder that eating well can be easier than many people believe.

We also recommend that you control your portion sizes. A small calorie deficit, i.e. burning slightly less than you consume, is key to a successful and sustained fat loss. You’ll gain weight if your calorie intake is high. If you have a significant deficit in calories, you will lose weight but also miserable.

3. Do not beat yourself up

Let’s suppose you follow an eight-week plan. It’d be absurd to assume that you will enjoy healthy eating bliss for 56 days. There is a good chance that you will make mistakes in nutrition. You know what? It’s not a big deal if that happens. Although we don’t want it to happen, the world will not end if you succumb to the temptation of ordering pizza from a delivery app. If that happens, you can refocus and remind yourself why you started. Make sure you have a great workout. You might also want to delete your food delivery app, or you can hide it on secret folder.

4. Do not rely on your willpower

Superhuman willpower is required to transform your body. You’re actually better off planning your life so you don’t need to have much willpower. Let’s take a look at booze. Reduce your alcohol intake if you are looking to lose weight. Booze has a lot of calories (around 200 per pint of lager), but very little nutrients. Keeping a few cold beers in your fridge means that every time you open the fridge, you will be greeted with the appealing sight of a glass. But, if it’s not there, you won’t be tempted and won’t have to use up any of your willpower.

Motivation is the same. It’s easy to run late and not have your gym bag ready. It’s much easier to bring your gym kit if you have it packed the night before. These small adjustments are easy to make, so you can save time on the gym.

5. Do not be your own coach

Lifting weights is your job. You can let someone else to prepare thar lifting. You should not neglect a plan that was created by another person for a few reasons. First, you will be more likely to choose the exercises that you are good at than those that have the greatest impact on your body. Worse, you will lose track of your goals and drift through the gym if you don’t stick to a plan. You’ll never make any progress and you’ll eventually give up.

This is the lesson: Always follow a plan.

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