woman in purple and white floral robe

Fashion experts predict you will wear these 5 trends next season

woman in purple and white floral robe

Do you want to be ahead of fashion trends in 2023? Fashion editors, buyers, stylists, and fashion fans get a sneak peek of the collections every six months from designers. Six months later, global Fashion Weeks give us a preview of upcoming fashion trends and prepare us for the season ahead.

While you may only be beginning to understand the Fall 2022 fashion trends we are already looking forward to next year. New York Fashion Week is the place to start the fashion trends 2023. It hosts the first fashion week of each season and provides a blueprint for the next set of trends. Straight-to-market brands, regardless of whether they wear designer clothes, carefully watch the shows to determine which fashion trends are likely to be celebrated in six months. They also use the shows to guide their collections.

Even though designers don’t have to follow any particular style, there are often cross-overs between collections due to external influences that can influence styles. Trends used to change every six months. But we are seeing some of the major fashion trends 2022 staying put. They have been extended and updated for 2023 with new silhouettes and colors that will continue to be a part of your wardrobe.


The New York Fashion Week is over. Now it’s time for the fashion crowd to get ready to travel to London Fashion Week. We’ve been tracking down the top fashion trends for 2023 and have been spotting them. Although designers were true to their individual style signatures, there were common threads that we believe will be reflected in other fashion weeks.

Here are some fashion trends you should be aware of from New York Fashion Week 2023.


The 2023 version of Lilac, one of the most popular fashion colors in 2022, is expected to be a strong favorite. Everything has been adorned with lilac, from casual wear to special occasions pieces to formal ensembles. It seems that purple tones are here to stay.

The pastel version of the color was the most popular at New York Fashion Week. However, Ulla Johnson showcased deeper and more vibrant hues. These colors looked especially chic when paired with lighter, lavendar pieces to create a toned ensemble. Adam Lippes and Tory Burch offered the most subtle interpretations of the color, which could easily be mistaken as cream. This gives the classic look a fresh lift for spring 2023.

There were many casual separates. However, lilac received an occasionwear makeover with some of the most beautiful cocktail dresses by Dennis Basso and Pamella Roland. This is a great opportunity for bridesmaids to consider when we enter next year.

Here are some things to watch out for:
  1. Party dresses: Do you have a special occasion? The romantic and pretty lilac and purple hues made a huge impact in 2022, and will continue to be a dominant trend for partywear into 2023. To add a fresh twist to this trend, look for silver beaded or tulle iterations.
  2. Tonal ensembles: Pair lilac and deeper purples for a look that’s fashionable.
  3. Sporty styles: Add a feminine touch to androgynous sportswear with rain-ready jackets or sleek sweatshirts in the palest purples


Tassel detailing was another trend that saw its lifespan extend from 2022 to 2023. For a summer look we love, our top picks for party dresses were given a full fringed makeover. Because it isn’t compatible with coats, fringe is a great summer trend. You also want to show off the tassel details at all times. Fringe is great for dancing and for taking a break from the sun.

There was a wide range of fringing styles, including dramatic full fringing at Bronx & PatBo. Banco was the most prominent, with dramatic full fringing at PatBo and Bronx & Ulla Johnson and Proenza Schouler offering more subtle and relaxed versions of the trend. Although tassel detail is often associated with discovering boho style, the fashion trends 2023 feel less bohemian than glam. Party dresses are where the trend shines brightest.

Tassels, and fringing, are great ways to add drama to your spring look. This trend can be used on everything from simple fringing of skirts and knits to fully-fledged flapper-inspired gowns.

Here are some things to watch out for:
  1. Fringed dresses will add glamour to your wardrobe in 2023. For a party-ready look that moves with you, layer thick layers of fringing on top of your bodycon silhouettes.
  2. Tasseled knits: For a casual version of the trend, consider lightly tasseled knits. These knits draw more from the bohemian roots and artisan roots of the style.
  3. Tasseled finishes are great for beachwear, from the most stylish and fashionable beach covers to the most modern swim styles.


A spring/summer outfit with lace detailing is great because of the light fabric and cut-out details. In recent years, we have seen a greater preference for artisanal detailing. This is paired with new technologies. The combination of intricate laser cutting and lush lace pays tribute to craftsmanship.

This fashion trend for 2023 was inspired by lace fabric, but different brands have their own interpretations. Naem Khan wore a dramatic cape ensemble while Bibhu Mohapatra wore more wearable blouses.

This style can be worn in a variety of colors, including classic white and bold, punchy pinks and bleus. This is a great investment to have on hand for your next wedding or engagement party.

Here are some things to watch out for:
  1. Laser-cut lace shirts: For a soft finish, lace and laser cut shirts can be worn under well-tailored jackets to give tailoring a feminine touch.
  2. Laser-cut dresses are great for wedding guests and those who want to go to the races in 2023. These laser-cut dresses capture the romance of lace with a modern twist.
  3. Lace skirts: To give an outfit a romantic touch, choose large lace over more vintage-inspired pieces.


Fashion trends 2023 showed that romance was on the horizon. There were a variety of styles displayed across New York’s eight-day fashion festival, including tactile and frothy feathers and tulle. Statement hemlines add drama to Herrera dresses. Siriano’s full-tulle dresses continued the volume trend. This trend is the cherry on top of the occasionwear cake. It features soft fabric peaks that look almost like meringue, which makes it the perfect style to let you dance into the evening. Feather detailing was added to add luxe to the hems. A jacket in the ’20s style feathered details that highlighted what to wear with a dress next season.

There was no shortage of color, with pastels mixed with bold jewel tones playing their part in one of the most exciting and decadent fashion trends that 2023 will deliver.

Here are some things to watch out for:
  1. Feather trims can be used on almost everything, but especially your summer party dresses. To let your hemline speak for itself, opt for simple A-line and trapeze silhouettes.
  2. Tulle tiers: Siriano always made it a point to remind us that bigger is better when it comes down to dresses. Tiered dresses with tulle layers make you the belle of the ball at any event. This look will turn heads.
  3. Feathered jackets: Enhance your eveningwear look with feathered jackets. This look will be great for transitioning to fall outfits.


Summer is not complete without sun shining through clouds. New York Fashion Week felt like it was soaking in the sunshine, even though the rain clouds were always nearby. Expect the season 2023 to be filled with significant amounts yellow as we welcome the return of rising temperatures into our lives.

The bright and sunny style is available at Gabriela Hearst, where you can find the most elegant wedding guest dresses at Badgley Mischka. While it might not be the most easy to achieve, it will give everyone a dose of dopamine dressing once February 2023 rolls around.

Yellow is a color that can make you wonder if it suits you. But you don’t have to be a skeptic. This difficult hue can be made universally by wearing a yellow bag or sleek skirts.

Sunshine hues are a spring staple. This cheerful shade will bring a smile to your face and put a spring in you step for the new season. For a more mature take on this trend, you can wear it with neutral tones like cream or beige.

Here are some things to watch out for:
  1. Yellow hues are the best choice for occasion wear dresses, especially when it comes to summer parties. To meet the brief, look for feminine silhouettes such as A-line dresses with tailored bodices.
  2. Light layers: A bright trench coat like the one from Laquan Smith will make rainy days feel a lot more pleasant.
  3. Yellow stripes: You don’t have to go all out on yellow. Instead, try bold yellow and white stripes.
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