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11 Hair Accessories We Want for Winter 2022

There’s a renewed energy as we move into the colder months. It is refreshing in many ways, including the boost it gives to our fashion and beauty choices. No matter what the weather outside is like, one category always needs to be updated: hair accessories.

You’ve now done the necessary nips to your wardrobe to make winter look more appealing. Now it’s time for you to add the accessories to help bring those looks to life. These are the accessories fashion girls can’t get enough of.

Continue scrolling to see the latest crop of hair accessories that you will want to add to your collection by 2022.

Organza Scrunchies

While oversize scrunchies are a popular trend for some time, it is the cloud-like organza ones which are currently gaining popularity. The ultra-sheer, transparent ones are our favorite. However, the more opaque and shinier versions are expected to be a big hit next year.

  • ASOS Design Pack 4 Scrunchies in Multi-Sheer Organza ($13)
  • 8 Reasons to Buy 3-Pack Assorted Organza Scrunchies ($18)

Furry Bucket Hats

Faux fur is always in style. This kind of cap is easy to explain because of the impact it can make on any outfit.

  • Myconvoy Faux Fur Bucket Cap ($24)
  • Urban Outfitters Roxxi Faux Fur Bucket Hat ($29)

Ultra-Wide Headbands

No more are wide headbands necessary for facials and athletic activities. Fashion professionals have promoted the accessory as an ensemble component and we are not mad about it.

  • L. Erickson Set 2 Italian Bandeau Head Wraps ($18)
  • ASOS Design Wide Jersey Headband in Black ($8)

Retro Driving Scarves

This trend is back and Louise and Thelma would be proud. Although the older-school ladies used soft scarves for hair protection while riding on the highway, the fashion world seems to have adopted the look for its sartorial purpose.

  • Vabovin Satin Square Silk-like Hair Scarf ($9)
  • Briogeo Paradise Pink Satin Scarf ($48)

Beaded Headbands

Every year, a new type of beaded hair accessory is introduced to the market. This year’s winner is beaded headbands. The intricate animal-print details are our favorite, but we also love other themes such as the cosmos or rainbow hues.

  • Ganni Beaded Twill Headband ($205)
  • Deepa Aiza Velvet headband ($125)

Wild West Hats

Megan Thee Stallion to Solange Knowles, these girls have been bringing cowgirl chic back to the forefront for a while now. Although similar hats have been worn in the past, these wide-brimmed Western versions are striking. Yeehaw.

  • Brixton Jo Felted Wool Rancher hat ($85)
  • Rag &. Bone Floppy Brim Felted Wool Fedora ($195)

Braided headbands

A good headband is essential to bring together an outfit. Braided ones look so elegant. These are soft and elegant, and make a great addition to your hair. They are a big hit with us.

  • L. Erickson 5th Ave Braided Satin Hairband ($34)
  • Tasha Wave Fabric Headband ($25)

Mini Jaw Clips

It called 1997, and it needs its beloved hair accessory back. Unfortunately, the teeny-tiny jaw clip can be placed at the base or scattered throughout the hair in reckless abandon.

  • Scunci Mini Jaw Clips ($4)
  • Goody Girls Classics Mini Claw Clips ($3)

Clips XL

They just keep growing in size, don’t you think so? They’re now super-sized and embellished with pretty embellishments such as pearls and rhinestones.

  • Kitsch x Justine Marjan Medium Hematite Rhinestone Snap Clips ($29)
  • A new day pearl white gold snap clip ($8)

Dainty Claws

Claw clips were a hot trend since the 2018 runway shows. However, the quintessential ’90s style has been refined into a more modern look for 2022. You can expect to see more delicate claw clips in pretty golden finishes and fine details.

  • Accglory Metal Hair Jaw Clip ($10)
  • Kitsch Gold Open Shape Claw Clip ($8)

Maximalist Clip Stacks

Clips will always be fashionable, but the volume of clips we wear seems to change with each season. It seems like all the clips are being worn simultaneously this year.

  • Nackiy Macaron Hair Clips ($15)
  • Clips of Starcrossed Lovers by Free People ($22)
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