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If You are Looking for Eco-Friendly Soap, This One is a Great Choice

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It doesn’t have to be difficult to find the right soap. We already have a list of the top men’s soaps. As we scanned through various grocery stores and barber shops, however, we couldn’t find the high-quality, eco-friendly, good-smelling body soap we wanted. It didn’t matter whether it came in bar or wash form; it just had to feel right for us. Farmbody Craft Brewed Bar Soap is what we found.

Farmbody’s variety of products is what makes it stand out. However, every handmade product can make a huge difference. It has been a few months and a few bars of Farmbody’s Craft-Brewed Bar Soap are used by us. Does it stand up to Huron’s Body Wash or is it another body soap that can be used in the guest bathroom. Below is our review.

What is a Farmbody?

Cindy Allyn created Farmbody. All products are made with Hudson Valley ingredients. Allyn, who was struck by contact dermatitis in a sudden flash, was forced to create the company. Allyn’s career as a medical massage therapist and spa owner was in jeopardy. Following the first prescription of steroids, she realized that the medication was destroying her skin and needed to be removed.

Allyn was fascinated by homemade soaps, and created Farmbody to share her ideas and solutions with those who have skin problems. Allyn started selling more grooming products soon after she released her moisturizer.

Farmbody’s beer-brewed products are what really stood out to us, as we love the aroma of good beer. You can find everything from beer-based shampoos to craft-brewed soap at Farmbody. Farmbody focuses on making products from natural ingredients that men already love, unlike mass-produced grooming products. Farmbody Craft-Brewed soap passes the test.

Why should we trust it?

Farmbody’s Craft Brewed Soap (Milk Stout) was sent to us immediately. We used it as daily body wash for the next few months. This means that we have used the bar soap in all kinds of skin conditions, including sweaty, stinky, and fresh in the morning.

We also sent samples to a few contributors/testers in order to gauge their reactions. This was because we wanted to test as many skin types as possible.

What does eco-friendly mean?

We will provide information about many eco-friendly, sustainable and organic products. The following criteria are what we use to evaluate a product’s environmental friendliness:

  • If it is made of natural materials

Simply put, is the product made from natural ingredients? Sulfates, dyes, and parabens are the most important components in soaps. Each ingredient can cause environmental damage by infiltrating water lines or poisoning the sewers.

  • If the manufacturer eco-friendly

Is the packaging eco-friendly? Are there conscious choices to protect the environment when producing the product? This includes the manufacturing of the product. What are the factory conditions and what wages are paid to employees?

  • If it was tested on animals

This is a simple one. Do the products have been tested on animals?

Farmbody Craft-Brewed Beer Soap Review

Although we tried many Farmbody bar soaps, this review will be focused on the Milk Stout scented soap. There are many options, including a fragrance-free option for those with sensitive skin. What we were looking to find, we divided it into four categories: Cleanliness/Scent, EcoFriendliness, Price, and Wash Quality/Scent. We also considered other soaps available on the market and my personal experience with other grooming products. This review will help you make informed decisions about whether to switch to Farmbody’s Craft Brew Beer Soap.

  • Is it really working?

Yes. We have used a few different Farmbody soaps and were very happy with the wash. We don’t feel greasy or have any residual smell. Although we shower every day with the soap, we are not sure what effect it will have on the skin if we skip one or two days.

No reactions have occurred to the skin. It’s a thumbs-up.

  • Fragnance

The scent is the most important function of soap for many of us. This is why we were so impressed by this soap made with milk stout. Because it’s made with milk stout, it smells exactly like the real thing. It is strong enough to give you a nice whiff when you use it, but doesn’t last long after you get out. Although we would have liked it to last longer on skin it isn’t that important.

  • Eco-friendly

Farmbody’s Craft Brew Beer Soap is the most eco-friendly soap you can buy. It is handmade and free of phthalates. You’ll notice immediately that the ingredients list isn’t something you need to search for. The milk stout smell is also a result of ingredients purchased directly from Hudson Valley breweries. Not only are you preventing chemicals from getting into your skin, helping the environment, but you’re also doing an excellent service for local communities/breweries.

  • Cost

Farmbody Craft Brewed Beer Soap has a lower price for bar soap, but it is still high-end when compared to other store-bought brands. Each bar costs $10 and will last for at least one month. The soap will fall apart much faster if you don’t use a soap dish (most bathrooms have one).

Farmbody’s body wash is less expensive than the $14 it costs for a high quality product. Although it is definitely an expensive product, Farmbody’s soap is very affordable due to its great smell, high-quality and eco-friendliness.

Is Farmbody Craft-Brewed soap worth it?

It would be lying to say that we had ever used any other soaps than those sold at the store before we tried Farmbody Bar Soap. But, what a difference good soap can make for your body. The smell is fantastic, the cleaning-functionality is good, and because it’s a bar of soap, it’s a ton healthier for the environment. Anyone looking to improve their grooming skills should try Farmbody Craft-Brewed soap.

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