woman with red lipstick and black mascara

Fall’s Most Popular Makeup Trend is The Bold Cat Eye

woman with red lipstick and black mascara

Since makeup was first created as an expression of self, cat-eyes seem to have been a popular makeup look. The look has become so popular that it’s difficult to believe it’s still a trend. Many people have adopted this glamorous look as a daily staple, wearing their liner before going to work or dinner.

Norah Salazar, a New York City makeup artist says that a bold cat-eye is an iconic look. It dates back to old Hollywood glamour when the eyes were more important than the lips. “Stars like Nicki Minaj and Adele all sport bold cat-eye looks. They range from very thin like Ariana Grande to bold, exaggerated looks like Amy Winehouse’s.”

This fall, however, it’s more than just the black, slick wings. You’ll see the cat-eye look all season long (as seen on Altuzarra and Eckhaus Latta runways), but it will be larger with brighter colors and cooler shapes and plenty of head-turning looks.

Emily Amick, makeup artist says that cat-eyes are bolder than ever. They use brighter colors and more edgy smokeiness than traditional liquid flicks. “Think Julia Fox over Marilyn Monroe.”

What made the bold cat eye a fashion trend in 2022?

Fox and other models walked on the LaQuan Smith Fall runway in smudged black eyeliner, pulled into a cat-eye shape with red eyeshadow running along the crease of the lid. The smoky brown shadow was the glue that held it all together.

The Christian Siriano fall/winter 2022 runway show featured a lot of color, with models wearing a cat-eye style with brightly lit blue and a sleek black flick. Alexandria Gilleo, makeup artist, explains that mixing and matching liners is a popular trend. It can be fun to use a bold or bright colored liner above or onto a black winged liners. This creates a double-wing effect.

You can also add color to the inner corners of your eyes, instead of layering it as was done at the Emporio Armani fall/winter 2022 fashion show. Linda Cantello, makeup artist, used bright pink shades to give the look dimension. Amick says, “This look is fun because you can use a bright pop or darken it to completely change how your eyes and face appear.” The look was also enhanced by small rhinestones that Cantello incorporated into the black liner.

You don’t have to use fun colors. You can also change the shape of your flick to make something unique. Take Molly Goddards runway for fall/winter 2022. Thom Walker, a makeup artist, created a very straight cat-eye that pulled out rather than up to give this retro look a modern twist.

How can you make a bold cat eye?

The pros share some tips and tricks to create a flawless cat eye, no matter if you are a pro or a beginner.

Amick states that the best way to ensure your cat-eye takes the shape you want is to use your eyes wide open while applying the makeup. It might look great when you close your eyes, but it will not look the way you want it to when you open them up.

Lynn Simpson, a makeup artist, recommends that you use your waterline to guide you in achieving the perfect angle. She explains that you can stamp your edge by using a straight or an angled brush such as the Luxie 215 from the outer corner. We also love the Merle Norman Cosmetics Makeup artistry Eyes #2 Brush, which is a Best of Beauty winner. The perfect angle for both eyes is achieved by pointing the brush towards your lower lashline and the end of your eyebrow.

Gilleo suggests that true beginners use a folded tissue to guide them. She recommends placing the tissue at an angle so it looks like it is an extension of their lower lash line. She referred to Beautyblender’s eyeliner design tool as well.

Simpson recommends a flat shading brush if you want to add shadow to the inner corners of your eyes, such as the Emporio Armani look or Zendaya’s. She says that the flat shading brush is small and flat, so it allows you to control the placement of the color. We love the Best of Beauty-winning Monika Blunder Beauty Hybrid Cream Brush.

Pros recommend using a liquid or gel liner such as Stila’s Stay All Day or MAC Fluidline. Amick suggests that you use Inglot Duraline if you have an eyeshadow shade you like and you want to use it as a liner. This will make the consistency more gel-liquid, which gives you a stronger, cleaner pigment. If you want bold colors, you will need them to stand out.

How can I erase a bold cat eye?

Makeup artists also recommend having a handy clean-up tool nearby. Gilleo states that a tiny cotton swab, or Q-tip, is a great tool for creating a cat eye. This can be used to correct any mistakes and make the line sharper. Salazar suggests that you use a little foundation or micellar water to accomplish this.

Gilleo suggests that you can use a brightening concealer such as Tarte’s Shape tape if you don’t have any Q-tips. We love Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer Lighten & Correct Duo.

Salazar advises, “Be bold with your cat-eye looks and play with color.” A bold cat-eye look can be a great complement to a statement look as we move into fall. It adds dimension and length to the eyes.

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