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What is the coolest summer fabric?

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What is Tencel?

Tencel is actually not a fiber. Instead, it’s a brand for a group of fibers called Modal and Lyocell. These fibers are extremely soft and are popular among sustainable fashion brands. Tencel is becoming more popular in everyday clothing, bedding, and other products.

Reasons to wear it

Tencel, a super-soft fibre, is very popular among eco-friendly fashion companies. Tencel is more sustainable than other fabrics such as rayon but it’s still better for the environment than fabrics like organic cotton and recycled cotton.

1. Its versatility

Tencel is an extremely versatile fabric that can be used in a variety of clothes, from activewear to loose-fitting dresses.

2. It absorbs better than cotton

Tencel is 50% more absorbent than cotton. Tencel is ideal for activewear because it is breathable and repels odors better than other synthetics.

3. It is soft and breathable

Tencel is a soft, breathable fabric that doesn’t trap heat. It makes a great bedding material as it allows for good airflow and feels cool. Tencel’s soft, breathable nature makes it a great fabric for working out because it will keep you cool and dry.

Tencel has its down sides

1. It’s expensive

Tencel clothing is more expensive than standard cotton and polyester. If you have the budget to spend a little more, tencel clothing is worth it.

2. Not as eco-friendly as natural fibers

When it comes to fabrics, organic cotton or linen are more sustainable. However, tencel is still an option for synthetics.


Poplin is distinguished by its ribbed texture, tightly closed weave and unique luster. The fabric’s weave is what the poplin name refers to today.

What is Poplin Fabric?

Poplin is a plain weave, cotton fabric that has very fine horizontal “ribs”. This results in a strong, crisp fabric with a silky, lustrous finish. Although it was originally used for casual wear, poplin can now be found in every day fashion and high fashion.

Poplin, also known by the name tabinet, was traditionally made from silk and wool. However, the definition of poplin has changed over time. Because of its light and flowing nature, poplin is now a lightweight material best suited to warm and hot climates.

Poplin is a great choice. Here are some reasons poplin is a very popular summer fabric.

1. Poplin is low maintenance and durable

It’s a strong fabric that can be washed frequently, making it an excellent choice for workwear. Poplin is an excellent choice for those who are always on the move because of its wrinkle and odor resistance.

2. Poplin is Odor & Wrinkle Resistant

Poplin is easy to clean and can be worn again and again.

3. Poplin is a versatile fabric

Its soft, lustrous nature makes this a great choice for casual and formal wear, whether in the boardroom or the living room. It is cool and crisp and has a natural drape that makes it a great choice as a summer dress.

4. Poplin is affordable

Although poplin may seem expensive, it is actually quite affordable.

There are down sides to wearing poplin

Poplin can be used in casual and formal clothing, but there are disadvantages.

1. It isn’t hardwearing

Poplin’s light and flowy qualities aren’t quite as durable as other summer fabrics. Poplin fabric is not recommended for garments that require structure or rigidity.

2. Poplin is a Heat Sensitor

Your poplin garment made of 100% cotton may shrink in hot washing. When laundering poplin, you should use a warm or cold setting.


Rayon, like many other fabrics in this guide is versatile and has many advantages over cotton. Because of its flexibility and softness, as well as its moisture-wicking and breathable properties, rayon is often used to replace silk.

What is Rayon Fabric?

Rayon, also called viscose, is a semi-synthetic cotton cellulosic fibre that’s soft and comfortable and absorbs dyes well. It comes from renewable raw materials and can take dyes easily. It is a semi-synthetic textile fabric and the third most used in the world.

Reasons to wear it

Rayon fabric is a lightweight, breathable and moisture-absorbent fabric. It’s popular for casual and athletic wear. It can be found in shirts and trousers, as well as dresses, and outerwear.

1. Rayon is versatile

Rayon is versatile, just like many other fabrics on the list. Because rayon can take on the properties of silk, wool, cotton and other clothing, it is able to look like other fabrics.

2. Rayon is soft, smooth, cool and breathable

Rayon is soft and smooth, which makes it feel comfortable on the skin. It offers the same comfort as natural fibers such as linen and cotton.

3. Rayon is breathable and moisture absorbent

Rayon is more absorbent that cotton, so rayon is a great fabric for activewear in hot and humid climates. The material may shrink if it gets wet. Rayon is cool and breathable, making it great for athletic wear.

The down sides

These are some of the drawbacks to this versatile fabric for hot weather.

1. Washing instructions can be difficult

Rayon is often mixed with cotton and polyester so laundering it requires extra care. Experts recommend hand washing rayon, which is safer but not the easiest.

2. Rayon is not a durable fabric

Rayon can shrink, stretch, or bleed onto clothing if it is washed in a washing machine. It is extremely lightweight and drapes like silk. Therefore, it should be treated with care.

Is Modal as Breathable As Rayon?

Modal is a type of rayon which is a common one. It’s also a semisynthetic fabric made from beech pulp. It’s used primarily for clothing such as pajamas and underwear, and for household items such as towels and sheets. Viscose is the second type of rayon, while lyocell is the third.


Seersucker is synonymous for spring/summer clothing and is a staple among the sartorially-minded. Although it looks very similar to linen, seersucker has natural creasing which gives it its uniqueness. Seersucker is a popular summer fabric for many reasons.

What is Seersucker?

Seersucker doesn’t refer to a specific type of fabric. Instead, it refers a style made from thin, puckered cotton, or cotton blended fabric. It’s derived from the Persian word for “milk and sugar” or shiroshakar. The fabric rises from the skin because it is woven with bunched threads. Seersucker’s natural wrinkles make it breathable, light and airy.

You can find seersucker suits in many bright colors, making them a summer classic.

Reasons to wear seersucker

Seersucker, which combines hints of southern gentleman and collegiate prep, is the go-to weave to make jackets, shorts and trousers. These are just a few benefits to wearing this fashionable fabric.

1. Seersucker is Trendy

This light, breathable summer fabric is very popular in the Southern States. It is often found with vertical stripes that seamlessly blend casual and formal fashion. It is stylishly smart casual.

2. Seersucker is Ideal For Travel

This fabric is naturally wrinkled and won’t show any signs of wrinkling because it has been pre-wrinkled.

3. Good for summer

Seersucker is a popular fabric, especially in summer. This fabric is perfect for summer events such as a wedding or picnic date.

4. Cool

It features puckering which allows for plenty of airflow, keeping you cool and comfortable during the scorching summer heat.

There are down sides to wearing seersucker

1. They are not resistant to dirt and water spots

Seersucker can show dirt, grime or water marks. It’s important to be careful where you wear your seersucker clothing.

2. It wrinkles a lot

Some people find the wrinkles in seersucker to be irritating. It can give the impression that you don’t care about ironing your clothes. But those who know better won’t mind.

Is Seersucker Breathable?

Emphatically, yes. Because of its breathability and airiness, Seersucker has become a popular fabric choice for many fashionable people in the summer heat.

Does Seersucker Wrinkle Easily?

Seersucker can be naturally wrinkled, making it a great fabric for traveling. Seersucker’s wrinkled appearance is part its charm. You’ll always look stylish, no matter if you’re traveling for work or pleasure.

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