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Experts share their tips on how to grow out, trim up, and shape your eyebrows

woman in white dress shirt holding pink balloon

A simple lift, a slight furrow or a quick hover can convey shock, frustration, shock and excitement better than an exclamation mark. Sometimes eyebrows can transmit unintended messages. Too much tweezing could lead to timid or bewildered arches.

We asked the top groomers for their tips on how to shape eyebrows so that they look fuller, more defined, and without the growing pains. Different people will have different expectations of what “best results” mean. Some people love the shortest brows, while others prefer a straight, clean shape that balances their facial features. Without proper grooming, any eyebrow shape can become unattractive.

There are solutions for every problem, no matter how severe. You can restore your eyebrows with just a few simple steps. Some may require patience.

We’ll show you how to achieve your perfect brows with the help of top brow groomers.

How to Reshape Your Over-Tweezed Brows

A magnifying glass and tweezers are all you need to shave your brows. But how about patiently growing them back? This takes real determination. Here are some ways to reverse the damage.

You can get rid of the tweezers

First change takes between three and four months, and it can take up to a whole year to see the results. The first week is the most difficult. Ramy Gafni from New York City, says it feels like your hairs are mocking. But if you let them go, the random hairs will eventually grow into a full brow.

Don’t bother trimming stray hairs if they are growing in an unusual angle. Maribeth Madron, a makeup artist, says that you should resist the urge to touch your eyebrows. The urge to pluck will fade if you can’t reach the tweezers right away.

One exception to the no-tweezing rule is: If you are prone to having a few hairs between your eyebrows, we won’t tell you to wear a unibrow for months. Madron suggests using your index finger to guide you. Your index finger should be placed between your eyebrows. Then, use an eyeliner pencil to draw lines on either side. Take off your index finger and tweeze the hairs between those lines.

Madron says, “You don’t want to take too much hair out of the inner corners.” “It is very difficult to get the hairs to grow back in these spots so I always advise caution.”

Like an expert, fill in the eyebrow gaps

You can still use your makeup brushes even if you are unable to pick up your tweezers. It’s inevitable: As your brows grow out, you will experience an awkward phase. Makeup is going to be a great help.

Madron says that brow fillers, pencils and waxes are very useful in this situation. If your brows have a great shape but you need to fill in any gaps, powders and pencils will work best. Madron recommends the Maybelline NY Brow Define + fill Duo. This is a dual-ended pencil with a powder and pencil.

A pencil is not recommended if you have more than a few small patches of hair. Madron says, “You want to paint the brow shape that you desire.” “Using a wax/powder mixture or a putty-like products, you can cover up any patchy, new growth with a wax/powder product. These are easier to use, more flexible, less precise, and better at taming stubborn hairs. The Merit Brow 1980 Volumizing Oil and the Maybelline New York Tattoo Studio Brow Lift Stick are favorites.

If you are a brunette, try one to two shades lighter for your eyebrows. If you are a blonde, you can also try taupe. Gafni’s advice? To increase hair growth, use short strokes that are angled in the right direction. However, keep your natural browline. Gafni says, “Never make an arch with makeup.” Even the best shade of makeup can make an arch look obvious. The arch should be created by your bone structure.

You can stimulate eyebrow growth by using hair growth supplements and conditioning your hair at night.

Brow conditioners can speed up the growth process. RevitaBrow is Madron’s favorite peptide-and-vitamin-rich serum. She recommends it to her clients to increase hair strength and prevent hair loss. One conditioner may not be the best for everyone. Madron says, “You might need to try different products that contain different active ingredients.”

Talika Eyebrow Lipocils Expert is quite good — it promises to stimulate growth and even intensify color — but you may also want to try talking to your dermatologist about prescription-strength options.

How to define fuller eyebrows

You can also have thinner, arched eyebrows. Kristie Streicher, a Beverly Hills eyebrow groomer says that strong brows must have separation and shape. They will overwhelm your face if they don’t.

Divide and conquer.

Unibrows look great, but you may not like the way it looks. To create separation, grab the tweezers. We love the Tweezerman Slant Tweezers. To determine the starting point of each eyebrow, hold a pencil vertically at your nostrils.

Take the cut.

It doesn’t have to be about trimming your eyebrows. A trim is enough nine times out of ten. Use a spooky eyebrow brush such as Tarte’s Fill Service Brow Brush and Spoolie to comb your brows. Next, use eyebrow scissors — we love using the Arches & Halos Surgical Stainless steel Brow Scissors — To trim the longest hairs and to increase the length, use the Halos Surgical. Streicher says, “Cut one of the hairs a bit longer than the other so that your eyebrows don’t get a crew cut.” To keep your hairs in place, use a brow gel such as the Allure Best of Beauty-winning Benefit Gimme Brow and Volumizing Eyebrow Gel.

Get in shape

You can define the arch (the highest point of the brow, just above the iris when you look ahead), by pulling a few hairs below it. Streicher says that the most common mistake she sees is people removing too many ends. She says that eyebrows that are too short can make our faces look like tadpoles and will age our faces as the ends become thinner with age.

Joey Healy, a New York City brow-groomer says that it is a sin to reduce beautiful, long eyebrows. The length of your eyebrows should not be cut too low below the head (which could cause a dragging effect). For a neat finish, make sure you taper the ends.

How to Shape Eyebrows That Look Like Commas

What is a comma eyebrow? This is a brow that has been trimmed within one inch of its lifespan, but not under the arches or at the ends. It creates a comma-like effect. You can balance the eyebrows by filling in their tails.

Eliza Petrescu, a New York City-based eyebrow expert, says that removing weight from the front makes the ends appear larger. Your brows will instantly look more natural. Use a brow pencil to lightly fill in the brows, focusing color on the sparser tails.

How to calm down angry brows

Gafni says that “Angry eyebrows” can look like an upside down V. This shape can make it seem as if you are perpetually mad.

Do not miss the point.

To make it easier, trim a few hairs at the arch’s top. Tonya Crooks, founder and CEO of The Brow Gal West Hollywood, says that you shouldn’t tweeze above your brow. “If you have a few unwanted hairs, they should be removed. To soften the angularity of the point, you can fill it lightly.”

Concentrate on the front.

Use a spooley to comb the inner half of your eyebrows. Trim any excess hairs. The hairs at the front of your eyebrows can grow very long, making them appear thicker than they really are.

When Everything Failed…

Madron offers some additional ideas for those who are impatiently waiting for their eyebrows to grow.

Employ distraction techniques.

Keep your eyes off of your brows. Madron says, “Wear bangs or a statement lipstick to keep people away from your brows.” Avoid winged and cat eye liners. Madron says that liquid liner with sharp edges is not a good idea during the growth phase. The sharp lines will direct your eyes to your brows where they can see every gap and hole. If you are a fan of liner, you can go ahead and use whatever you like.

Try tinting your eyebrows.

Brow tinting can make a huge difference in your life. Madron says that it has helped her tremendously in growing out her brows. It’s better to get it done professionally than to try it yourself at home. A professional can also paint the tint to your desired shape.

You Have Restored Your Eyebrows

After four months of waiting to reshape your eyebrows following one too many pluckeds, now it’s time for you to craft the shape that you want.

Madron recommends that you leave the eyebrow threading and waxing to professionals. However, if you’d rather do it yourself, Madron emphasizes the importance of lighting. You should be in direct sunlight whenever possible. Shadows can obscure your view due to overhead lighting.

Take photos of yourself before you start plucking your brows and evaluate your face shape. Madron says, “It’s all a matter of balance.” Your brows should not be too big if you have petite features like Winona Ryder or Kirsten Dunst. Your brows may be larger if you have large features, such as Sofia Vergara or Keira Knightley.”

The shape of your eyebrows can make a big difference to the appearance of your face. A straighter eyebrow can make your rectangular or long face look shorter or more proportional. Thick eyebrows can make your face look disproportionately large if you have a heart-shaped facial shape. A small face can also be overwhelmed by thick eyebrows. A small face can be overwhelmed by thick eyebrows.

If you have a square-shaped jaw, a thick and heavy brow can balance your top half by matching the bottom. Curved eyebrows can reduce the angularity of a diamond-shaped face. Are you still unsure? You can try soft, angled eyebrows. They look great across all skin types.

After you have determined the perfect shape for your hair, it is time to meticulously remove any stray hairs using tweezers. Before you begin plucking, take out a bright-colored pencil or a black eyeliner pencil to outline the shape that you desire. Use slanted tweezers to remove anything that is not within the pencil lines. To see the final results, wash the pencil.

You now have the knowledge to make your eyebrows grow. You must have patience and be able to use a few grooming tips. These tips will transform your brows in a matter of months.

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