smiling woman in brown top holding hairs

Experts Share the One Thing Every Hair Type Should Do

smiling woman in brown top holding hairs

Fall wind and temperature changing can make your hair feel dry and dull, whether it’s from the natural reasons or from the wrong products you use. Jamie Brown, amika’s director of education, says that although chemical treatments and heat styling are the most common causes of hair damage, there are many natural causes. This season, show your hair love with expert tips for each type of hair.

Curly hair

  • Conditioning is important

“After shampooing, indulge your hair in 10 minutes deep conditioning. Deep conditioning is important to prevent hair loss and reduce breakage.”

Ebony Bomani is a brand educator at PATTERN. He shares that “Moisture is vital as it helps our curls and coils be healthy, shiny, and happy.”

Straight hair

  • Cut your dead ends

“Straight-haired clients need to trim their hair regularly to prevent dry ends and damage due to environmental damage or their manipulations. Your hair will be able to focus its energy on healing the remaining hair strands by trimming off dead ends.” Brown notes that products like amika’s The Kure Bond Repair Shampoo & Conditioner will repair weak hair bonds and hydrate with plant butters such as shea and mango.”

Paul Wintner is the education manager. He also shared that the ALTERNA (r) Caviar Replenishing Moisturising CC Cream is a great hair product to maintain hair’s softness and smoothness, despite exposure to sunlight, chlorine or saltwater.

Wavy hair

  • Leave your hair alone

“… try to wash it less frequently to reduce the amount of time the cuticle is opened during washing.” Brown shares that opening the cuticle can cause hair to become more vulnerable to damage. Brown suggests that you take a break when tying your hair up in a ponytail or bun. “Hair ties can cause additional breakage.”

Coily hair

  • Look for hydrating ingredients

“Key ingredients like aloe vera and coconut oil in the Beauty Curl Gel help nourish hair and provide lasting moisture. The Curl Gel’s creamy texture and moisturizing properties make it an ideal choice for wash-and gos, twist-outs and braid-outs. For incredible definition, touchable hold and rhythm, apply to damp or wet hair,” Bomani shares.

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