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Expert Tips for Styling Your Curly Hair In A Fringe

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Fringes can be a difficult hairstyle to maintain. Fringes require constant brushing, washing, and spraying in order to prevent hair from falling out of place or becoming greasy before the next wash day.

A fringe can be even more difficult if you have curly hair. The shorter hair is, the more bouncier the curls. This means that many people end up with a shorter fringe than they planned. We all know that curls can be unpredictable and will take over your hair without any care. If you are able to style a fringe properly, it is well worth it.

“I love a naturally curly hairstyle for fall. Once you learn how to style it and take care of it, it’s easy and quick. This is what I am all about in my day-to-day. This style can be worn from work to dinner, making it sophisticated and fun,” Merav Adler, celebrity hairstylist.

What can you do to style Fringe?

We talk to the experts to find out the best tips on styling the fringe. These are our expert tips.

  • If I have curly hair, how long should my fringe be?

Curly hair that is wet pulls it down. This causes curls to straighten out. When it’s dry it bounces up. The hair professionals recommend a curly fringe for hair that is completely dry.

“My key tip when cutting a curly fringe is to dry it in its natural state. This is key to a curly fringe that looks great,” Ben Rossiter, sustainable salon Blue Tit Clapton says. “This is because curly hair shrinks when dry, so you don’t want to have a micro-fringe.”

  • What styling products are necessary for curly fringes?

It doesn’t matter if you want to embrace your natural hair texture, or blow-dry it straight. You need the right products to ensure that hair stays healthy and protected. Ben recommends that curly hair is more dry than straight hair. To protect and enhance the natural texture of your hair, you should use a variety of moisturizing and hydrating products. To create the perfect fringe for naturally curly hair, coil and twist the hair while it’s still damp.

  • How to prepare hair?

Preparation is important if you want to smoothen your fringe. Curly hair can be easily damaged by heat tools. Ben says that it is crucial to use heat protection spray, along with a serum and smoothing cream or fluid, when smoothing out curls. Wrap the fringe with a round brush to create tension. Then heat it using a hair dryer and precision nozzle. For a straight look, use more protection and heat before applying more heat. Finish with a serum to add shine and long-lasting results.

Merav agrees and uses nourishing products to get the best out of curly hair. “To prepare a curly fringe, I apply Unite U Oil to hair when it is damp and dry to keep it looking healthy and shiny.”

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