All We Know About the Madonna Biopic For Now

Madonna’s writer Diablo Cody worked with Jennifer on a draft. Cody has since finished her work on the movie. Screenwriter Erin Cressida Wilson joined production in 2021. Madonna posted a December 2021 Instagram showing that the pair were still working on the screenplay. Wilson is the author of the 2016 thriller, The Girl on the Train. She also wrote the script for Disney’s live action Snow White remake.

Who is in the cast?

Variety reports that Emmy-winning actress Julia Garner, of Ozark and Inventing Anna, was offered the role of Madonna. Garner has not yet signed on, but it is likely that she will accept the role.

Among the other actors who were able to portray Madonna were Alexa Demie and Florence Pugh. The Madonna Bootcamp was a rigorous process that included auditions for singing and choreography.

Julia Fox is being considered for a supporting role in this film. Entertainment Weekly reports that Debi Mazar, a Uncut Gems actress, could play the role of Madonna’s close friend.

What is the title of this film?

Little Sparrow appears to be the working title of the biopic. Madonna posted an Instagram photo in February 2022 with the script. The title was eventually deleted by Madonna, who re-posted it with a heart emoticon.

This Madonna directorial debut is it?

Madge is no stranger in the director’s seat. Madge was the director of Filth in 2008. It was a 2011 historical drama about Wallis Simpson and King Edward VII, were also directed by Wisdom. W.E. was nominated for an Oscar for Best Achievement in Costume Design.

Is there a Madonna movie?

2017 first saw news about a biopic. The Hollywood Reporter reported that Universal had purchased a script called Blond Ambition. It followed Madonna’s rise in fame following her move to New York City in 1980s. Elyse Hollander wrote the script. Brett Ratner (War Dogs), and Michael De Luca (“Fifty Shades of Grey”) were slated to produce. Madonna expressed her disgust for the project in an Instagram post. “Nobody knows my secrets and what I’ve seen.” She said, “Only I can tell my story.”

She stated that 2021 was not Hollywood’s first attempt to make a Madonna movie. Jimmy Fallon was told by her, “The reason why I’m doing this is because a bunch people have tried to make movies about me but they’re always male.” She also mentioned the 2017 failed project and said, “I read that Universal was writing a script…they wanted my blessing, so I read it. It was the most pathetic, shallow crap I have ever seen. This has happened several times. Finally, I gave up and threw the gauntlet.”

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