Everything We Know About Britney’s Wedding

Britney Spears seems to have a better life after the end of conservatorship. The case in point is Thursday’s wedding of Britney Spears, 40, to Sam Asghari. From everything we have seen, it was almost like a fairytale. Spears looked like Cinderella as she stepped into a white carriage, pulled by a horse with golden hooves. Spears explained to Vogue that she wanted to make it a beautiful and intimate moment with her family and friends. This was not your average “small” wedding. Madonna was one of the invited guests. Here is everything we know so far about Spears’s and Asgharis nuptials.

Versace was the bride’s choice

Since Spears posted an Instagram post showing that she had made the trip from Italy to her home in L.A., Donatella Versace has been believed to have designed the dress. Rumours were true. Spears wore a Versace custom off-the shoulder gown with a giant train and slit. Versace was also responsible for the black mini-dress that Spears wore at the after-party.

Asghari wore a Versace suit, which was classic for him. (At one time, the 28-year old trainer met Spears while filming her song “Slumber Party”. He also donned the veil of his wife.

The guests were star-studded

A striking number of the 60 or so attendees were celebrities–starting with Madonna, who promised that she was “coming to get [Spears] out of jail” at the height of the #FreeBritney movement last year. Selena Gomez was there, along with Drew Barrymore and will.i.am. Mathew Rosengart was also present, the lawyer who freed Spears from her 13-year abusive conservatorship last autumn. The Spears family was also absent, as expected. Spears’s children with Kevin Federline, her ex-husband, were also absent. Her attorney stated that her sons thought Britney and Sam should be the main focus and she is very happy to move forward.

Madonna and Britney Spears recreated their famous kiss.

Britney and Madonna reunited for a second kiss nearly two decades after their first kiss at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards. Spears said that she would never kiss another woman, except “maybe with Madonna” at the time.

It was a great after-party

After the ceremony, Spears rode in a Rolls Royce and returned for more celebrations. Spears joined Madonna, Gomez and Paris Hilton in singing “Toxic” from 2003. She also did a duet “Stars Are Blind.”

The fun was almost ruined by Spears’s ex

Jason Alexander, who had been married to Spears for only 55 hours in 2004, announced that his intention was to livestream the wedding. He was quickly arrested by the Ventura Sheriff’s Department for an outstanding warrant. Vicky T, Spears’s assistant, posted on Instagram Stories that she later assured everyone that they were safe.

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