All We Know About Adele’s First Album in 6 Years

Adele is second to Rihanna when it comes to literally torturing her fans with the wait for new music. Although it’s been six year since Adele, a 33-year old singer-songwriter, released her third album 25, there are many hints that something new is on the horizon. The first sign that a musician is entering a new era was a change of avatar on Instagram and Twitter. Adele posted her first tweet and Instagram post in 24 hours.

Adele captioned the 21-second black and white clip “Easy on Me – October 15,” with a caption that reads, “Easy On Me”. It begins with Adele inserting a cassette tape with the song title onto the stereo. A pickup truck filled to the brim is driving her down a country road, leaving behind sheet music. One Twitter user joked that Adele took so long to return home because she had lost half her album during the move. This is everything we know so far about her future plans, both in the next 10 days and when 30 will finally come out.

  • Adele has your fall soundtrack covered

After hearing the single’s release on October 15, fans didn’t waste any time creating a new wave of seasonal depression memes. Although it’s not clear when more music will be released, things are moving at a rapid pace. The teaser comes just days after the first signs of movement regarding the album’s release. Projections of the number 30, which is projected everywhere, from the Colosseum, Empire State Building, to the Louvre, appear to have been popping up everywhere. Adele’s manager stated previously that “the sooner it comes out, the better” and Adele had already promised a release date (last September) to avoid any interruptions from world events.

You can keep an eye on her Instagram comments sections for clues. Adele replied to a fan asking if the June post was a release hint. “Corona ain’t over. I’m quarantining. Be patient and wear a mask.”

  • Fans believe Taylor Swift may be able to accommodate the album release

Taylor Swift, who released her re-recorded version Red up last month, announced that the release date would be moved one week to November 12th. Swift left November 19th open. Many believed Swift made this move to avoid competition from Adele.

Swift’s album is part of her project, to re-record older material. However, it could prove that no one wants to compete against a new Adele album. Not even Taylor Swift.

  • 30 is in the planning stages for three years

Although she may not have shared the fruits of her labor yet, Adele has been busy. Adele named the album after the age at which she began working on it. She confirmed this in a post on Adele’s 31st birthday in 2019. (If you are looking for breakup songs, Adele, who is now dating Rich Paul, was divorced seven years later.)

  • The cat eye won’t be going anywhere

Adele’s winged liner looks more sophisticated than ever in this teaser. It adds to the dark aesthetic of her black nails with talon. The clip has a hint retro glamour, which is surprisingly similar to Lana Del Rey’s music video for “Chemtrails over the Country Club”.

  • You can find more tips by visiting “Hello”

The “Easy on Me”, “Hello” music video has a lot in common with Adele’s 2015 music video. One fan even suggested that the clips were shot in the same location. Adele might have said that 30 would be “a drum and bass record to hurt you” when she first teased the record in 2019, but it seems like classical piano will be included in the mix.

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