man in black leather jacket kissing woman in white shirt

Everything This NFL Player-Turned-Musician and His Fiance Wore This Week

man in black leather jacket kissing woman in white shirt

Today we are talking to a former NFL player Antone Exum, musician, and his fiancée, a florist, who are both based in Richmond, Virginia. They are a stylish couple who prefer a casual approach to dressing but have a great respect for fashion. Exum especially loves Rick Owens and Dries Van Noten.

What does your style *actually* look like right now?

It’s effortless. It’s very hot in Richmond [Virginia] right at the moment, so I’m doing my best to keep cool (literally). This is a simple version of my style right at the moment. Grab and go. It’s almost like ordering fast food from a restaurant with a drive-thru window.

Day 1

My outfit was extremely comfortable, and I was able to take my dog along with me on long walks to the market. For the moment, the accessories are a constant in my wardrobe. All of them mean a lot. Chelsea and I bought a vintage suitcase in L.A. Chelsea made me a necklace from the lock that came with it. It is now a unique, one-of-a kind piece that I treasure. We believe the Jordan 1s are from 94 so I feel ’90s. However, the rest of the ’fit made me feel like an old greaser from the 1950s. I felt as sexy and fuck. “I wanted to quench.”

Day 2

I wore one of my favourite designer’s clothes. The world would be a better place if everyone wore sustainable Rick. His collections have a consistent aesthetic that I find makes them look great together. Although you can mix and match, it is possible. I’ve seen it work well. But nothing beats Rick Owens’ top-to-bottom ‘fitty. It is a world all its own. It is essential, daring, and interesting to say the least. I did not do anything that you would want to hear about that day. I played the piano, performed some performance stuff, and had incredible sex with people outside my building. I am a snow globe throughout the year.

“I’ll give you another accessory story here, too! Chelsea and I met again when I was in the NFL. It was Christmas. She put a large charge on her credit card to impress me. Because I was in the league, she felt that she had to buy something designer. However, this was not true. I could have had a Christmas kiss from her and she would have been my best friend. My lover gave me a wonderful wrist piece.”

Day 3

Extremely throw-on, very get what you see, and very I-don’t-give-a damn. As an odd decision, I put the cowboy boots on. I love it when there is a little surprise in my ‘fittys. We took photos every day when the sun was shining, and sunglasses are a part of my love/hate relationship. They are a great style choice for me and my head is shaped to fit them. I am also a naturalist so I enjoy looking at the sun’s blessings on the planet.

“My last accessory story is in regard to a bracelet gifted to me from my mother herself. It is a solid piece that I love. Barbara made a great choice in accessory selections. David Yurman was also a friend I met at a nearby jewelry shop. He was wonderful. He was impressed by some of my jewelry designs. Dries Van Noten will one day be my designer of dresses. Right now, I have mockups in my notebook. I imagine us discussing silhouettes over tea in a garden. Overall, this was my most basic look. I’ve worn it before with flip-flops and socks. With this ensemble, I felt true to the season. This was too easy to glorify, but that’s what makes it so beautiful.”

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